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  1. KyoAkashi

    Adding buff on hit

    Hello Folks! I can't figure out how to add a self buff on hit, i find it annoying when an attack only buffs so i wanted to make attack buffs like Poison Attack: Attacks and has a chance to poison the enemy and adds poison to your weapon But i thought it would be easyier as it is because i...
  2. KyoAkashi

    Absorbing Elements

    Hello! I want a Fire enemy which absorbs this element but i cant find an option for this or a way to do this. Maybe i'm overlooking something, i would appreciate every help. Thank you for your help!
  3. KyoAkashi

    Multiple attack elements?

    Hello the question is, is it possible to give a character or an enemy multiple attack elements? So if i have an Gargoyle and wanted to give him the attack element of earth AND physical would it be as simple as adding Attackelement [Earth] Attackelement [Physical] in the properties? Thank you...
  4. KyoAkashi

    Encounters based on items

    Hello!   I wanted to ask if it is possible to raise the percentage etc of random encounters by having certain items in your inventory. Example:   Monster: Fox Encounter rate: 5% with the Item " Fox Light" Encounter rate: 10% Thank you for your help!  

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