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  1. DestroyDX

    RMMV Lunatic mode tutorial

    Hey everyone just wondering if anyone can give me a list of all the script calls for lunatic mode so I can better understand it as well as make better effects.
  2. DestroyDX

    RMMV On map encounter attack

    Hey the game makers. Z is back again with something not quite new. So my game has an on map encounter system. I've made the encounters using events and event proximity. But there's been something about it I've yet to figure out. So in some games with on map encounters like Dragon Quest XI...
  3. DestroyDX

    RMMV Dynamic Battle Rank and Rewards

    Here there game makers! I was using yanfly's overkill and jp system as well as mog's combo counter and aftermath for a game I'm developing when I began to wonder, "Is it possible to get extra gold, JP and drops from stuff other than overkill?" Which made me also wonder what stuff would I want to...
  4. DestroyDX

    RMMV What the heck is this!!!

    Hey was just using Olivia octobattle when I noticed THIS!!! (notice arrow pointing to problem...) Can someone please explain to me what is happening!!! (Note I am using the battle motions plugin that allows me to use more than 3 frames in a sv actor)
  5. DestroyDX

    RMMV Menu categories

    Hey there people of the world! I'm just wondering if there is a way to make categories to the main menu, like. Like for example I have the equip, skill, formation and status in a category called "party" or a lore, item book, beastiary, and skill book in the "encyclopedia" category and both are...
  6. DestroyDX

    RMMV Final Fantasy X Party Switch Skill

    Hey there game makers! Wondering if anyone knows a way to make a skill that switch the user with another actor in the party that is not in battle and allows only actors that participated in battle to get exp. Up My initial thought was simply to make a skill that changes the party formation then...
  7. DestroyDX

    RMMV Triacontane Plugin translation

    Hey can anyone out there help me translate triacontane's plugins... I know what they do but because I don't speak the language I don't know how to use them.
  8. DestroyDX

    RMMV Turn based grid battle system

    I am making a game, and for this game I would like to have a turn based battle system that allows each actor and enemy to move along a grid divided into an enemy side and an ally side with skill ranges, area of affects, multi target and random selection depending on the skill used. Kind of like...
  9. DestroyDX

    RMMV Dual weild Weapon type restrictions

    High this is DestroyDX here, so I'm making a game called "The way Home" and in I have a character that can dual wield butI don't want him to be able to equip two of the same weapon types. Does anyone know how I can do this?

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