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  1. KuroVuster

    [Moghunter]RMV – LMBS (Linear Motion Battle System)->Enemy Damage interaction<-

    (note: i am not 100% sure if this belongs in requests or support, so if it turns out this is more support then request then its fine if this gets moved accordingly o.o) Hello, sup and hi (in that order) Decided to start up a bit of a fresh thread regarding this but worth a mention. I started...
  2. KuroVuster

    Ragna the RPG Edge

    I had no internet for a while, and during a match against a friend in blazblue i was like... i wonder if i could make him in RPG maker, this was the result of that. what do lot think? Tools used: Rpg Maker MV Adobe Photoshop Lack Of Internet if i was better it would be possible to make the...
  3. KuroVuster

    MOG Linear Battle system MV [Knockback Extension]

    Hello, sup and hai (in that order) Vuster here and granted i,m not a fan of starting my first ever post as a form of request, but this has been something that i am surprised is not noted on. Mog's Linear Battle System for RPG maker MV is just.... so good <3. I have been using it for a while now...

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