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  1. skill that adds party members?

    it doesnt have to be one use, i can walk around that
  2. skill that adds party members?

    hi, I was wondering if there is some way you could have a skill that is one-time use but adds party members. The scenario I would like to use this in is: you are on a rescue mission to save a friend from a cell, but are caught in the act. I would (and can - I am using the yanfly engine) make it...
  3. locking party members

    thank you
  4. locking party members

    I just tried posting this, with along explanation, but the post wouldn't work. Therefore ill keep this short( and copy it, just in case... :P ) anyway, i was wondering, is there a way to have a party member that cant have its skill/ equipment changed? thanks,
  5. Roman Resource help

    Never mind, I've found a few things anyway, but as I said, your quick responds shows how helpful the community is
  6. Roman Resource help

    oh no, its for xp, i should have mentioned im looking for ace recources, but thanks for the effort, it shows how helful the community is!
  7. Roman Resource help

    thanks alot!
  8. Roman Resource help

    hi, i was wondering, i need charsets (im using yanfly visual battlers) for romans and anything else ancient-medeavel time. Monsters, soldiers and civillians alike would be thanked, as im making a game based on ancient europe, the story line happens in britain but after all of europe is there to...
  9. Event Battle Starter

    Thanks, ill try right away!
  10. Event Battle Starter

    HI, I was wondering, is there a way to have an event, when activated by the player, start a battle? it would need an enemy graphic, and should stay still. Once defeated, it would remove the event so that it does not repeat.  Could you please help me?
  11. Help With Interior/Exterior of Houses

    Sorry, I clciked the poll button and couldnt get out, so i did that
  12. Help With Interior/Exterior of Houses

    Hi, I was wondering, is there a specific ratio that can be used to create good size interiors, for an exterior house? thanks in advanced

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