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  1. hppyniss

    Clipping issue for the Ancient Dungeons Tileset?

    Hi @Celianna -- I absolutely adore your Ancient Dungeons base set, and finally had enough in my budget to pick it up at the RPG Maker Web store. However, it looks like a bunch of the image files have been cut off. I have re-downloaded my order a few times, and this happens each time. I'm...
  2. hppyniss

    RMMV Witch of Yagserra [working title]

    "X meets Y" quick pitch: The Harry Potter series meets Studio Ghibli. Synopsis: Esme Green is a young witch-in-training who is beginning her first year at the magical school, Yagserra. The game begins in her cozy forest village and expands to new villages, forests, coasts, and cities as...
  3. hppyniss

    Request for a mashup of two quest logs?

    Hi Javascript geniuses, I'm wondering if any of you are up for creating a plugin mashup of two quest systems (and I'm very sorry if this sort of request is not allowed!). I'm currently using and loving Game_Stailer94's quest system (posted here: The only thing that I do not love about it...
  4. hppyniss

    Common event running any time game opens?

    I'm very new to RPG Maker, so this is likely a user error, but I wanted to see if you guys have any solutions. I have a common event (which plays a sound and shows a picture) called when a certain item is used, then another common event that is triggered by the previous common event which erases...

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