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  1. 9gramsofpersonality

    Cameo Swapping!

    Why don't we all feature each other's characters in our games as NPCs? Well, not all our characters in every game, of course, but wouldn't that be a great way to brighten up our game worlds and support each other's games? :D I'm happy to both feature a few of your characters and have my...
  2. 9gramsofpersonality

    RMMV God's World

    Plot [/SPOILER] Gameplay Mechanics Characters [/SPOILER] Setting Images and Screenshots Special Thanks
  3. 9gramsofpersonality

    Title Screen Appreciation Thread!

    What's a title screen you can stare at for hours on end? I'd have to go with Civ 4's title screen. The combination of music, changing time of day and clouds drifting over the earth is just ... memorizing :] More on the RPG side, I love Trails in the Sky the 3rd's title screen :D (I guess...
  4. 9gramsofpersonality

    Knife to meat you :]

    I just have a lisp; I don't want to butcher anyone, I swear :] You can call me Grams, 'cos I feel like an old lady sometimes :P Soooo I fiddled around with RPG Maker VX Ace Lite when I was a kid, and signed up to the forums for some reason and didn't really use it. Now I've got a game idea that...

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Does that count as poetry? ..Is there a super fast way to test my creations in RPG Maker? Has anyone played the new Pokémon games? I'm itching to buy it but I don't think my husband will want me to after he finds out how much I spent on Christmas!
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