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  1. AFletch88

    640x360 Menu Customization

    Is there any plugins that give you options to make image based menu system for smaller resolutions? I'm using SRD's Facebars plugin but it's far too big and does not show all the info I need. If anyone knows if there is a way to show the Menu, Status, Items, Equip, etc in 640x360 resolution or a...
  2. AFletch88

    Qpopup Plugin

    I'm reading the help file, but I'm not fully understanding how to set it up properly. And all the settings I'm setting do not seem to be working. Is there an alternative for the QABS to show damage information?
  3. AFletch88

    [RTP Edit] Dashing Sprite

    Would anyone be able to put clothes on my sprite? I'm terrible at spriting, and would love it if someone could duplicate the clothes that are on this one, he will be the only one that can run in my game so luckily this is the only real hard part for me. Any help is appreciated, thank you. It's...
  4. AFletch88

    [RTP Edit] Character Punch Sprite Sheet

    Not sure if there is one already, but I'd like a basic thrust animation for the character sprites, I've tried my hand at it and am having no luck. I plan to edit the clothes manually so I just need a blank character. In terms of how I want it to look, pretty much the SV_Actor version, but maybe...
  5. AFletch88

    Anime Sparkly eyes [Generator]

    Not sure if this is the correct section or not, but was curious if someone could make this with starry eyes like so: I have the image attached for it to be done on down below. Any help would be great, or if anyone knows of any other anime eyes for MV that'd be helpful too.
  6. AFletch88

    HUD Maker Curved Image Gauges

    I'm not even sure it's possible, but was curious if was possible to have curved image gauges for SRD's Hud MAKER or any HUD maker. I have the images if needed for the actual HUD to be made but the UP,DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT styles just don't work with a curved effect. Any help would be great.
  7. AFletch88

    Conditions for HUD Maker

    I'm trying to find a list of all the conditions that can be done with HUD Maker, I'm trying to make overlapping actor faces that changes according to like say If default it's the normal character face, but say if I take damage I'd like to have an overlapping actor that shows if damage then have...
  8. AFletch88

    Animated Character Faces During text messages

    I was curious if there is or if someone could make a plugin that based on a faceset of one face with multiple mouths it would look as if the player or whoever is specified is talking their text. I've only been able to find busts, which I don't like using, I prefer the character faces. I've...
  9. AFletch88

    Removing Certain Attributes from Status menu

    I'd like to only have HP, MP, STR, AGI, DEF as my game has no magic in it I'd like to get rid of the M.DEF and MAT attributes from Status menu and Equip menu. I don't want to systematically remove them just visually, I've tried a work around by editing the Window_Status section but it just...
  10. AFletch88

    Tracking "MISS" and adding a set variable to level up a stat

    I'm working on a non-leveling type system with RPG Maker MV, I can level skills just fine, and other attributes but I want to make it so whenever you're attacked by an enemy and "MISS" appears the actors "AgiEXP" increases and once it reaches the MaxAgiExp you level up your Agility and gain more...

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