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  1. Resource Not Found?

    I purchased RPG Maker XP a while ago and had no issues. However, I bought a new computer and downloaded it on the new one only to receive this when I enter my product code and email address: How do I fix this? I would really like to get back in. Thanks.
  2. Unable to Download Product

    I have just recently bought RPG Maker XP. Although, I cannot actually download it due to a fault in the site. Whenever I click download, it comes up with this error: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. ")...

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There are so many coding terms that are complete gibberish to me. Like what the heck is "Return" or "Array"??
Sometimes I forget how tiny and fun working in 16x16 is (or with 18x18 if ya counting the white outline LOL) and before you ask Yes. Yes this is an appropriate ratio of drinks to all the other stuff. :popcorn:
Phew, sleep all day, awake all night. I don't know what to draw tonight!

Does that count as poetry? ..Is there a super fast way to test my creations in RPG Maker? Has anyone played the new Pokémon games? I'm itching to buy it but I don't think my husband will want me to after he finds out how much I spent on Christmas!
When can we get this?
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