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  1. cotodigital

    Do you enjoy voice acting in rpgs?

    Not at all. I like the idea that less realistic games (no need for voices, lack of music in favor of just sound effects) work better, because the interaction implies heavy imagination instead of just having everything in front of you at all times. This also applies to photorealism. I don't...
  2. cotodigital

    [Story Tips] Shatter the illusion

    I've studied screenwriting. Storytelling is not some static thing, the user has input and his reactions and expectations are very,very important. You know when in a horror movie you get all anxious near a corner where you KNOW a monster or something will appear? You are there waiting for the...
  3. cotodigital

    pixi filters

    Those should technically go in here: Yourgame\js\libs If it doesn't work it must be a configuration issue with Pixi. Please tell us the RPG Maker version you're using.
  4. cotodigital

    RMMV Cursor appear (Solved) - character Set

    Check this:
  5. cotodigital

    [Story Tips] Shatter the illusion

    I don't think too much of this is a good thing. Sometimes you see games taking some crazy route, just for sake of being different. It's not like they had a good idea to start with, same way they could have gotten that idea without crazy RPG twists, but they build from there. IMO that ends up...
  6. cotodigital

    Team Attack?

    For what I've seen in other games, you could. But obviously, that character is instantly blocked from acting. But this feels like "cheating" because in a way, you are speeding up another character's turn before he's ready. Even though, that could be okay if you place other limitations. If you...
  7. cotodigital

    Strange Error with Audio Files

    I know it might sound dumb but have you tried restarting the client? If it doesn't work, try using Audacity to convert to ogg. Also try to renamek them to remove symbols from the filename.
  8. cotodigital

    Parallax Background issues

    Can you open the file again in Photoshop/whatever editor and export again? Maybe the file is corrupted.
  9. cotodigital

    Need Help Cutting 2 tile Bed into Doodad

    You should post a screenshot and the tileset you are using so we can understand the issue.
  10. cotodigital

    Team Attack?

    Questions are too general, so I will just say one thing: A key element for this system to work is avoid spamming. In the youtube vid link you posted, the guys are continuously attacking using team combos. Unless that's the main mechanic of the game, it should be heavy limited. Otherwise, why are...
  11. cotodigital

    RMMV How to make changes to Name Input Processing?

    Yeah, I'm afraid then your only choice will be to commission it if you don't have the knowledge of JS. Good luck bro!
  12. cotodigital

    RMMV How to make changes to Name Input Processing?

    Try using SumRndmDde "Super Tools Engine", it allows you to modify certain columns for displayed text. Haven't tried it with the name input menu but it certainly works.
  13. cotodigital

    Any worth website hosting services for game development?

    I mean, are you willing you pay? If so, Bluehost offers very cheap alternatives. For free, just use Maybe Behance too, the "social network" features allows you to get more exposure to other artists or possible people looking to hire.
  14. cotodigital

    Remove Mouse Feature It was solved here.
  15. cotodigital

    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    This is a fantastic script really. Great job.
  16. cotodigital

    Greetings from France!

    You are not the only one, trust me. I like that attitude! Welcome and good luck with that game brother :) Be sure to post your progress or ask if you need help with anything.
  17. cotodigital

    How long do you think a demo should be?

    Don't use time to measure it. It just depends on letting the player get attached and interested in the story or gameplay. Could easily be a 5 minutes demo if it's too gameplay intensive. Basically the length in time doesn't matter, what matters in the demo is the content, what you will show...
  18. cotodigital

    Windowed mode problem

    Also you should be able to see the .html, it's the same for all games really. Unless you modified it, should look like this: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes"> <meta...
  19. cotodigital

    Windowed mode problem

    Make a new project, copy the .js files from newproject/js to yourproject/js (make a backup of yours first). Obviously ignore you currently installed plugins. Disable them and try.
  20. cotodigital

    Coni's MV Tiles

    Very nice aesthetic, I love it. I'm not currently working in any modern world project but this looks cool :)

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