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  1. sutorumie

    Select party member to attack instead of using agility turn order

    In the normal battle system, you're forced to use whatever party member is next in the turn order (based on agility, I believe). I want to select which party member I attack as, and have the option to back out and choose someone else if I want to. I don't want to follow a turn order, I want to...
  2. sutorumie

    how to store an escape character in a variable string?

    I'm attempting to make random NPC dialogue by setting up a variable to store the dialogue into, then defining the variable as a text string which is randomly selected via condition branch / rng variable. However, when I want to make the NPC say the player character's name, it instead displays it...
  3. sutorumie

    Decimal Currency

    Would it be possible to change the way money is displayed from, say, 1,000G to $10.00 ? Preferrably so it displays on the menu screen and the shop screen. There were a few scriplets like this for VXAce (here's one), to make it so the last two digits are behind a period and the currency symbol is...
  4. sutorumie

    Tsukihime's Window Cursor doesn't dispose at the right time

    I'm using this script: I modified it to work with various windows with different image cursors (basically just changing Window_Whatever to other stuff and copying the script for each window I need a cursor for), but for some windows, the image doesn't disappear at the same time as the rest of...
  5. sutorumie

    Items spoil / transform over time based on frames and variables

    There's this script I found in an old request thread for items that "go bad" over time; the way it works is, you add a notetag to certain items that indicate that the item will turn into a different item after x amount of steps. It also comes with a progress bar visible in the items menu and is...
  6. sutorumie

    Help with Choice Windows and Move Picture (RMVXA)

    How can I get the z-axis of the choice window (specifically, the blinking background part) behind an image? The image I need on top is pic 100, and the choice window bg (also an image) is at 98. So, I imagine setting the choice window to 99 would fix it, but all I can figure out to do is to edit...
  7. sutorumie

    Better Looking Text?

    I want the space/padding between lines of text to be much smaller. So instead of this: We get this: As a side note, can I fix the font so it looks closer to the second image (which was made in photoshop)? Because WOW it looks 100x better--it shrinks better, it's aliased better... (I don't...
  8. sutorumie

    I have no idea how to make town/city maps

    I can sort of make simple wilderness maps (sort of) but cities/towns confuse me to no end. Where do I start? What do I do?? What goes where and why and what should it look like and (screaming) What do people do when they make these maps?? Do you have an idea in mind, do you just wing it?? How...
  9. sutorumie

    Cooking/Crafting system similar to Mabinogi More info from the game -> Basically, you add 3 ingredients, then hold a button (which can be switched to pressing 3 different keys on the keyboard instead of the mouse) to add a certain % of the ingredient...

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