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  1. applechoirs

    [Solved] $ and loop breaks help, please?

    Thanks @autodidact @Andar @Eliaquim @Nolonar for the help! Everything works perfectly now! :uhappy:
  2. applechoirs

    [Solved] $ and loop breaks help, please?

    First is an apology if I'm not clear with my problem because English isn't my mother tongue. So what am I trying to do here is to let players name their own character, but some names aren't allowed because they overlap with NPCs. Then, I want the name input prompt to be looped if players keep...
  3. applechoirs

    The Last Girl on Earth - Winner of the Indie in a Week Contest

    Hello! I got interested with this one and already finished it yesterday. I think it's cool, but the white text over light gray screen (there are some windows with it, I don't remember which one exactly) is just hard to read, especially for ones with eye problem as me. I like the music, though...

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Spending the day doing concept art! It's so comfy! I'mma draw the full party and take it from there. Hope everyone else is having as good of a day!
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I've been playing too much fire emblem... why do I suddenly want to make a game in rpgm that's chatting to ppl and trying to pick the right options to increase their opinion of you and depending on who likes you and how much you get a different ending??
Uggh... been sick for the past week. I hope I get better soon.
There are so many coding terms that are complete gibberish to me. Like what the heck is "Return" or "Array"??

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