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  1. NotAHero

    Is there any way to show the shadow of static characters during battles?

    So, I have a lot of static characters in the game, however, they don't have a shadow, as some float and some fly, so it would be really ugly to draw the shadow on the sprite itself, as it would be flying/floating with the character. Is there any way to show the shadow on characters during...
  2. NotAHero

    RMMV Problem replicating the buff effect shown in the image, on other enemies

    - Main Plugin (Yanfly BuffstateCore) As shown in the image, I tried to make sure that when the enemy has a De(buff), the effect on the animation happens on the enemies too, something like: Beginning of the Battle, Character has the 'Weaken' ability and right at the beginning of the battle ...
  3. NotAHero

    RMMV Help with passive skills like in pokemon: flame body and gooey. Are affecting the allies too

    As in pokémon I would like to apply skills that exist in the game, however, I am having problems with the formulas to execute 3 types of states that will be executed practically in the same way, and will only have some small changes in the formula. The effects work, but as soon as an ally tries...

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