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  1. DWizard

    Instant Turn Battle

    @Doktor_Q Sorry for the late reply, for some reason i didnt got the notification for your post. The plugin is just perfect, does exactly what i had in mind. I cant thank you enough :)
  2. DWizard

    Call script for current char level...

    @Aloe Guvner, Thanks a lot, this ${$gameParty.members()[0].level} worked perfectly :)
  3. DWizard

    Call script for current char level...

    Hey guys, What's the call script for current character level ? I was able to find ${$gameParty.leader().maxLevel()} which shows max level 120.... but something like ${$gameParty.leader().currentLevel()} which supposed to return 110 in this example, it returns an ERROR. I searched everywhere and...
  4. DWizard

    Instant Turn Battle

    @Doktor_Q , Thanks for the reply, I tested this and it worked just fine with DTB... Now my only problem remains how to get my units act in the order I want (or a battle situation demands). I guess I could do some placement tweaks through formation menu, but still its not a perfect solution.
  5. DWizard

    Instant Turn Battle

    Hey guys, I'v been playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (android game) and I liked the combat system there... I have been looking for a plugin that could create the battle mechanics from that game and ITB is the best I was able to find. However, is it possible to select which battle party...

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