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  1. ccarsas

    MOG - Consecutive Battles (v1.1) (Adapted for MZ)

    All credits to the author. Author: Moghunter Original version for MV. Editor: ccarsas (Myself :p) Translated by me. Hello all, this is a plugin created by Moghunter, it let you make consecutive battles as the name says. So you can defeat enemies in waves. I made some changes to make the plugin...
  2. ccarsas

    Torygoya Autoitems and Skills (Moded for MZ)

    Torygoya_Autoitems (Moded for MZ) Jan 30/21 Hello, this plugin is from the autor: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan). The user tale, made the translation of the help for MV. I change some parameters for work with MZ because the MV versions have some issues of compatibility. Now for MZ: Help for use the...
  3. ccarsas

    Enemy Kill Counters Plugin

    No one? Thanks a lot for your work, I really find this very useful for my own personal game :D
  4. ccarsas

    [MV] Terrax Lighting & Moghunter Time System causing game to freeze

    Withney is right the game starts very dark and after a pair of hours all come back to normal tint with the notetag in event: Light 0 #FFFFFF

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