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  1. Valancourt

    "skilllearnCostJp" is not defined??

    While playtesting my game using Yanfly's Skill Learn System, when I made all the character's skills and tried to have her learn them, I got this error message as soon as I clicked on the "Advancement" command which takes you into the skill learning screen: "skilllearnCostJp is not defined."...
  2. Valancourt

    Yanfly Selection Control Problem

    My game crashes when I get into a battle using the Yanfly Selection control plugin. Can anyone explain why it says the 'length' is undefined??
  3. Valancourt

    Error message at playtesting

    I can't playtest my game because of this random occurance. I get these error message saying that exp tables are "undefined" even though i clearly followed the instructions of the plugin i was using, and "defined" where the information is being stored. Can someone help me fix this?
  4. Valancourt

    Extra enemies plugin

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a plugin or perhaps I can request one, that allows you to add more than 8 enemies to a battle. Also it would be useful to have an enemy note tag like this: <No. Appearing: x to y> <No. Appearing: 2 to 12> <No. Appearing: x> instead of having to keep...
  5. Valancourt

    Issue with Yanfly Skill Learn plugin

    I'm having an issue with notetags not working. In order to learn the skill Potence, you need to first learn Power Attack and be 3rd level, however: My character is 1st level and the Potence skill is listed in his skill learn library.. the skill should not even appear until he is...
  6. Valancourt

    How do I use diagonal sprites?

    Hey everyone, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to use diagonal sprites. The script I am using is the Super Orange Movement one: As you can see, the sprite is affixed normally in the window there: Here is his sprite sheet: Here are his diagonal sprites...
  7. Valancourt

    Lockpicks (variables)

    I want to make a series of 6 qualities of locks, and each requires a number of lock-picks to open: Wretched: 1 Poor: 2 Average: 4 Good: 6 Superior: 8 Masterful: 10 how do i make the game keep track of how many lockpicks you have, aside from they being items in your inventory? i want to...
  8. Valancourt

    Passable tiles problem

    I have some wall tiles set as X in the passage tab, yet when in-game the player can just pass right through them as though they were Os.. I unfortunately can't include any screenshots of this (the Print screen button on my comp doesn't work). Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  9. Valancourt

    Medieval door tiles

    I am looking for medieval door tiles to go with the High Fantasy packs, but in both sets there are NO doors. The door I am looking for is this one and those similar to it: Anyone know where I can get these? Thanks!

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