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  1. Custom Installer?

    I am working on what I hope to eventually be a commercial project in rpg maker 2003. I have discovered I don't care for the way the installer created by the engines look or flow (Unicode characters, blue screen, etc) and I am curious at all if it would break the license agreement for me to...
  2. Odd Variable Issue

    I am having a strange issue. I have an event setup that is meant to adjust a variable 1. The particular page of the event will only execute if variable 1 = 4. later in the event it adds one to variable 1 to make variable 1 = 5. For some reason, it will modifies variable 4 instead of variable 1...

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I need help on what I should add to this fighter game.
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6 hours and 35 minutes until it is December first here :3
Spending the day doing concept art! It's so comfy! I'mma draw the full party and take it from there. Hope everyone else is having as good of a day!
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