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  1. Replacing Zero Damage with a "MISS" statement

    Using the damage formula, I'm able to script conditionals for applying states and other non damage effects. However, if I have a situation where a state can't apply, the damage formula defaults to Zero damage. How can I skip the damage effect (numbers and hit effect) and display a miss...
  2. Undead/Zombie State (Using Yanfly Buffs&States Core)

    I have a related question to this: I'm looking to add to this Zombie state by allowing for an "Undeath to Death" skill that specifically kills Undead that I designate, or those who are affected by the Zombie state. The only caveat is that I don't the effect to display as damage. As a bonus...
  3. Checking equipment types

    I have a similar question, how could I modify that statement to check in the damage formula of an attack skill.  I wanted my damage formulas to be modified if the character has an open hand (visa vi DnD 3.5).
  4. Attack Command Animation and Targeting Change

    I just ended up changing it to a guard break instead of an offensive stance.  I seem to like the new layout of it, but thanks for your help!
  5. Attack Command Animation and Targeting Change

    This is for the new attack skill called "Offense."  Note the target is set to user, hit type is certain hit and the animation is set to powerup 2.  Yet it still does the weapon swing animation and requiring a target enemy step.  If it was making me target myself, I'd understand, but it still...
  6. Attack Command Animation and Targeting Change

    So I downloaded the plugin, I have the replace attack and guard on the actor, and it did replace the skill, but not the animation or the targeting.  It was exactly the same as if I had changed the skills for attack and guard.  So is there just no way to get rid of the targeting or attack...
  7. Attack Command Animation and Targeting Change

    Like I said, I was able to get the skills to "do" something else, but I wasn't able to change targeting or animations.  Though I could see why it would need a plugin because attack and defend are hard coded into enemy monster's abilities and it would taken a plugin in order to overwrite that one...
  8. Attack Command Animation and Targeting Change

    Hello, I couldn't find an answer to this through my searches, but it's probably a very easy fix.  I want to change the Attack and Guard commands into an Offense Stance and Defense Stance command.  I've already changed the relative skills in the skill list to represent the change, changing the...

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