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  1. Xenphir

    Quasi's Pixel Movement and player coords

    Hello! For my game I need to constantly gather player coords and location but using quasi's pixel movement plugin seems to bug out where the player is by 1 tile in both directions or where the player is looking.
  2. Xenphir

    Event interaction with an item

    Hello! So today I am asking for assistance to understand the cleanest and most efficient way to effect an event with an item. Multiple events of the same kind, on various maps. There will be a LOT in my game so I was trying to find something easier than constantly checking player location...
  3. Xenphir

    Turning sprites from 3-frame to 6 or 8 frame

    Hello! I would greatly appreciate it if anyone is willing to take Hiddenone's "Hine Sprites" and make the legs and arms move more so that there are 6 or 8 frames for each walking direction. I already have gotten her permission to request this edit, though you have to find them on her own forum...
  4. Xenphir

    A way to make the fullscreen a certain resolution?

    I know there are ways to add various resolutions to RMMV and change the default one. However what I want to perhaps disable the full screen ability and instead have players manually select viable resolutions. This is because on some monitors, including my own, it makes the game look blurry. Not...
  5. Xenphir

    What colors do you associate with spring and summer?

    So I am having a bit of a problem that is probably related to a player's regional experiences and where they live. So I'd like to ask the majority. For spring and summer, which season do you typically think of being more green/blue and vibrant, and which do you think being more yellow/green and...
  6. Xenphir

    What programs do you use to create music?

    I am curious on what people prefer to use to create music for their games, and if there are any that don't require owning any physical instruments.
  7. Xenphir

    Yanfly's SelfSwVar plus Moghunter's Chrono compatibility

    So I encountered an issue. My game requires ABS battle system and Chrono is the only one I have found that works for me well. However there is an issue using it with Yanfly's SelfSwVar plugin, which I also have to use for complicated event processes. The plugins work fine together most of the...
  8. Xenphir

    Painted style or pixel style?

    Which do you prefer? Painted style maps where things look smoother/more realistic or pixel style maps that look more uniform and easy to maneuver? Also by pixel I mean fully parallax and beautified, while still looking RPGstyle. I like painted style as a base look, but sometimes the pixel...
  9. Xenphir

    What keyboard config do you prefer?

    Do you like using arrow keys or WASD for movement in a keyboard only game? If you use WASD for movement, where on the keyboard do you put controls for other aspects of your game?
  10. Xenphir

    Legalities with permissions to use resources?

    So I have a question that might be a little odd. About a year ago, I emailed a famous fantasy/gaming music composer who puts his music on youtube about using his music. On his official website it is noted that for commercial licenses to email him directly to inquire. So when emailing him I asked...
  11. Xenphir

    Turning off all self-switches does not reset the event?

    Hello again everyone. So a new problem.. xD I go through an event with 5 pages. The first page having no requirements, and pages 2-5 have self-switches A, B, C, and D in that order. on the fifth page, when the player does the action required, it turns off all switches in order, with D being last...
  12. Xenphir

    How to write an if statement with multiple conditions and variables?

    So I am trying to get this event here to call the ID that the player is standing on. I have confirmed that it does collect the correct event ID based on player location, and that the self-variables are being pulled correctly. However I think I wrote my If statement wrong because when player...
  13. Xenphir

    Yanfly Self Variables Not working right?

    Okay so what I have done so far (Images below) is create an event using MogHunter's Chrono-Engine ABS system and his tools to try and make a farming system. The following pages are a Collision ID for a Hoe, to till the soil on Page 1. Page 2 is collision ID's for any seeds (I am testing with two...
  14. Xenphir

    Self-Variable and Event Image change?

    Hello I am currently trying scripting out and am curious on how to make self-variables, similar to self-switches where it only effects one event, and how to change the Event Image without having to switch event pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have spent the past week or so...
  15. Xenphir

    Regrowing plants?

    Hello so I have been trying to make plants that regrow when off screen. I am using RMMV. So far I have a working time system with minutes, hours, days, months, and years. I am trying to get it so each plant or tree grows 1 stage of its progression each day or so that after x amount of days pass...
  16. Xenphir

    Items drop on event end

    Hello I am wondering if there is a way or a plugin to make items drop on-screen and maybe bounce a little before being sucked up by the player if they are nearby and added into the inventory, similar to stardew valley. So basically, player destroys a tree and instead of just receiving the wood...
  17. Xenphir

    Wondering if any of these are possible mechanics

    Hello fellow RPG Makers. I am rather new and was wondering if RPGMaker MV has the ability to (With enough coding and eventing) have the following mechanics or if I should figure out something else: ~Use of the mouse to click on screen to activate events instead of using space or enter ~Use of...
  18. Xenphir

    Amount of characters to interaction ratio

    Hello~ Was just curious what most people preferred with characters and their interactions with each other. Lets assume for these scenarios the main plot of the main character stays the same, and each character's individual interaction with the world by themselves is the same. Scenario one...
  19. Xenphir

    To sparkle or not to sparkle?

    So I was curious as to whether or not people preferred being shown where they can interact with the environment via a sparkle or small indicator, or if they like finding things themselves by "mashing" the interact button on anything that looks suspicious? In my game, if I did the latter, I...
  20. Xenphir

    Xenphir's MV Resources

    Hello all~ I am going to post any resources I make here from now on. Some things will be my own but I am putting the thread here as I have plans to make MV edits later on and I think it will be best to have them all in one spot. I am new to this so I don't have much right now but hopefully...

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