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  1. Fuchsilein

    Unequip Weapons through Script Calls

    $, $dataWeapons[0]); Should work, cant test it right now, just set the weapon slot to a ID:0 would unequip it, any other ID would equip the specific weapon Dunno what the slotId for weapons is right now :rswt2: Edit: Nvm slotId should be "0" as well.
  2. Fuchsilein

    Yanfly Weapon animations using the wrong weapon

    Have you tried to rename both sheets like give sheet 7 the number 8 und vice versa? Do you have 8 different weapon sheets? Or are those only named Weapons8 and Weapons7?
  3. Fuchsilein

    Class Changing issues (YEP_ClassChangeCore)

    Let's start simple, please post the notetag of the 2nd Job Change which doesnt work for you
  4. Fuchsilein

    Yanfly Weapon animations using the wrong weapon

    Hi there! Could you please tell us what exactly you did set up until now? Afaik Yanfly's Weapon animation uses notetags on either actors,class, weapons or states - Which one are you using? Right now its pretty hard to get a grip on where your problem is rooted.
  5. Fuchsilein

    FREE [MZ*] The Sworn Blade [Medieval Fantasy] - Recruiting

    Hi there! I'm somewhat new at JS Programming and Scripting, pretty confident in my eventing skills. I basicly have the knowledge to make things work but dont have any good ideas and overall I'm not that creative, so I'm looking for a team or someone who is basicly my counter part :x Thought...
  6. Fuchsilein

    Script for D&D style combat initiative

    Hi there! I'm not a javascript guru yet but could try to help you with this. Since there isnt a setParamter function in MV we need to have a little bit of a workaround for this. Let's start with the enemys here, First we need to find out how many enemys are there, we'll do it with the length of...
  7. Fuchsilein

    Request to fix bug from Bobstah's LevelUp Bonuses or create similar

    Alright thats weird, you mean the "Remove" Equipment Option right? You put the BOB Plugin above Yanfly's Plugin in a new Project with no other plugin? I worked for me ... do you use any other Plugins that could mess with that function? Do you try to remove only a weapon? Because I think...
  8. Fuchsilein

    Request to fix bug from Bobstah's LevelUp Bonuses or create similar

    Hi there! Since I'm trying to learn JS right now I worked something out for you but since I'm a newb atm I'm not sure if it'll crash with any other function of the plugin only tested for your specific problem. just let me know if something doesnt work out. Btw your problem comes from the...
  9. Fuchsilein

    I've hit a wall, Script Call with Array?

    Tested on a compiler, kinda forgot to include that info :(
  10. Fuchsilein

    I've hit a wall, Script Call with Array?

    Hi thanks for the info, After some trial and error it turns out that MV doesnt support the .includes() - Array function. So instead of if (drawArray.includes(x)) {} I just had to do if (drawArray.indexOf(x) >= 0) {}
  11. Fuchsilein

    I've hit a wall, Script Call with Array?

    Hi there! I'm trying to build a Deck logic for my game idea the following code work on my test fine but doesnt work as an script call in MV, can anyone say me why or what i have to change?
  12. Fuchsilein

    How to get a Random Pool of Attacks/Skills

    @caethyril That works like a charm, thank you! :3
  13. Fuchsilein

    How to get a Random Pool of Attacks/Skills

    Hi! I'm pretty new to RPG Maker, got it when it was cheap and now have a lot of time to kill So I'm going to make a game... But with my concept I'm already hitting a wall... I kinda want to make a sort of card based combat system, while this does not have to be with cards already I'm stuck...
  14. Fuchsilein

    MUSH Plugins: Item Collector Menu

    Would there be a way to Check for the Completion of it to use on Events? Lets say i want to do a NPC that is not going to help you until you filled 50% of the Collectors Book?
  15. Fuchsilein

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Any plans on letting people costumize the UI? Or does it exist already and I'm just to blind to see it? x) Do you have plans to make it a bit more friendly for Touch Input? Im making a kinda simple Game with it and try to port this to mobile devices.. but right now controlling the characters...
  16. Fuchsilein

    [RELEASED] LeTBS 0.4

    Definietly need to follow this, this seems to be the first Battle System that would have a good point of Touch Support...
  17. Fuchsilein

    TamFey's Timed Button Attacks

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but if i update your Plugin and try to do the Timed Buttons with touch the Game crashes with "undefined is not a function" #Edit: Nevermind, I've found a problem with my Savegame.. x.x Dont bother its working! :>
  18. Fuchsilein

    Cloud Manager - Simple cloud based savegame system

    I'm so happy someone finally did a take on my request! :> 
  19. Fuchsilein

    SImple Cloud Based Save

    Wow! sounds like you've got exactly what i need! :> I've lost hope on that one already so its nice to see someone working on it <3
  20. Fuchsilein

    Suggestions for the next TF pack

    I've only started using your pack and i love it! For the next Update I would kinda like to see the Battlers :x If my opinion is still relevant.. :x

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