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  1. Darkskull

    Conditional Branch - Moving Between Maps

    Hi there! I'm wondering how to set up a conditional branch that triggers -only- when a player switches maps (from one map to any other map, not any specific maps). This conditional branch is going to be on a common event that is always active and, thusly, would trigger something every time a...
  2. Darkskull

    Layering Issue [RMMV]

    Hiya guys! Having a strange layering issue. In editor, this section of level looks like this: However, in-game, it looks like this: I realize that this issue may be tileset related, so here's some pictures of that: Any assistance is welcomed! Thank you.
  3. Darkskull

    Circular Interior [RMMV]

    Hiya there! Does anyone have any circular interiors? I'd like to do interiors for these two types of building, but adapting RTP's square resources results in an incongruity when compared to the exterior art. Does anyone have any assets that I could use to form the interiors of these two? The...
  4. Darkskull

    Magic Reflection 50% Not Working On Weapons

    Hi! I'll cut right to the chase: Magic Reflection 50% doesn't seem to work on weapons. Armor? Yes. State? Yes. Same parameters, on a weapon? Nope. I wonder what the problem is. Other traits on weapons work. How come not this? (I tested with 100% magic reflection, so I was able to...
  5. Darkskull

    RNG mechanic

    Hey all! I'm not certain if this can be done with or without the use of .js, so for now this question will be asked here. If it turns out that .js scripts are the only way to do what I'm looking for, I'll ask a moderator to move the topic. So! I'm looking to have an RNG mechanic in my game...
  6. Darkskull

    Checking Party Stats

    Hello! I'd like the commands for finding the names of the actors in party position 2, 3, 4, and 5, as well as the HP and MP of actors in those positions as well. It must look like this: ${$} (Wrong function, but you get the idea) Not like this: \p[2] (Does what I...
  7. Darkskull

    Simple .js edit [RMMV]

    Hello! I'm using the TDDP mouse system, but it doesn't work with my deployed game. The only reason I have it is the hover mouse option (where when you hover your mouse over something it highlights it without you needing to click). Considering this aspect is invaluable, could someone make a...
  8. Darkskull

    Deployment Not Working [Solved]

    Ho boy I feel like I'm spamming the forums with all my issues... So I recently downgraded to 1.5 by way of downgrading with Steam. Playtesting the game works fine! Deployed version of the game hangs on "loading" and never gets to the title screen, heck, never even gets to the pre-title screen...
  9. Darkskull

    Menu Distortion (Window.png)

    So, as you can see from here, there's a bit of weird distortion on some of the menus. I don't know if this is the product of the Menu Editor (SumRndmDde's Super Tools) or Window.png in "System". What do you guys think? Also, here's my Window.png: (Terms of Use: Please don't use for your...
  10. Darkskull

    Lots of Menu Edits Needed [RMMV] [Solved]

    Hello community! With SumRndmDde's Super Tools plugin currently completely obsolete, I'm going to have to figure out an alternate way to affect menus in the way I want. ...I have no idea how to do this. Here are all of the various things I need to do to the pause menu to make it ideal...
  11. Darkskull

    SumRndmDde's Super Tools Plugin [RMMV] - Old thread on the same topic Anyone notice that SumRndmDde's Super Tools Engine Plugin doesn't work anymore on the newest update because f12 opens up the developer console? This was one of the...
  12. Darkskull

    Edited: Dumb Mistake, see stupidity here! :)

    Whenever selecting any submenu of the "item" area of the menu, the game suffers this fatal error: Here is my plugin list: "KeyItemAlone" isn't the culprit - I added that after to achieve an ingame function I wanted and to try to fix this problem to no avail. Edit: "MenuColor" isn't the...
  13. Darkskull

    Auto-Close Skill Learn Window[RMMV]

    Okay, so this plugin request is very specific and very simple: I'd like the Skill Learn System menu to close the entire main menu when it is exited out of (instead of closing to the pause menu). The reason for this is singlefold: • If the player is allowed to backpedal into the pause menu...
  14. Darkskull

    Changing game's font for NameInput

    Hello RPG Maker Forums! I'm having a few issues with NameInput. (Disclaimer: I'm using SumRndmDde's NameInput upgrade. The problem persists both WITH and WITHOUT the plugin). As you can see by this picture, there's some overlap on the letters. I'm assuming this is related to font. I don't...
  15. Darkskull

    Centered Choices Plugin (YEP Compatible)

    Hello RPG Maker Forums! I'm looking for a very simple plugin. I'd like a plugin that makes every choice in the game have centered text. This doesn't come in base RPG Maker (It still aligns to the left even if "Center" is selected, however it's aligned to the left in the center of the screen...
  16. Darkskull

    Text Log

    Hello RPG Maker Forums! I'm making a text-based game with RPG Maker. And I notice; there's no way to check a log of already shown text/choices. Is there any way to add one? I essentially want a log that players can check from the beginning of the game until their current point.
  17. Darkskull

    YEP Extended Message Pack 1 - Strange Glitch Hello RPG Maker Forums! Yanfly's Extended Message Pack 1 is an extremely useful tool (Especially so for my text-based game). It allows the option of hiding choices (Attached to switches, for instance I can check a character's...
  18. Darkskull


    Hello RPG Maker Forums! This skill learn system is great, except it needs a bit of tweaking before I can use it in my game fully. How the skill learn system works is, when you can learn a skill via having the proper prerequisites, it...
  19. Darkskull

    [Close this Topic, issues resolved but it might be useful.] RPG Maker 1.5.0 Troubles, lots of lag!

    Hello RPG Maker MV forums! Man, I do hate that Steam forces you to update your game regardless of whether you want it to or not. Regardless, I update it because it won't let me use RPG Maker unless I do. And now things are weird. There is a lot of lag on the main menu. 1. After the splash...
  20. Darkskull

    Text-Based Combat

    [RMMV] Hello RPG Maker MV forums! Like the title, I would like to set up the combat to be in a similar fashion to a text-based game. My game is text-based, and it is made entirely out of messages/choices. During combat, I would like the UI to fit this same sort of system, where you choose the...

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