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  1. (Yanfly) Trouble with independent items in crafting and item durability.

    Even though it's been a while, I ran into the same problem and have an answer to this question! In rpg_objects.js in the js folder of your project, there's a method called Game_Party.prototype.numItems. If you have ItemCore and ItemSynthesis installed, paste this in its place...
  2. Initial Release ready, still need some advice

    @1: That sounds like a good plan. I've seen mediafire a lot before; I'll do a little research on it. @2: Darn. Ah well, in retrospect, it'd probably just look shifty anyway. Thank you for your input, bgillisp!
  3. Initial Release ready, still need some advice

    Hello! I'm here because I've nearly finished the initial release of my game (made with RPG Maker MV), and would like to release it to the public somewhere. The game's initial release will not be complete, but more of a "demo" that slowly gets updated when I add new content, with save files...
  4. Yanfly AI Core and ATB system

    I'm using Yanfly's Battle A.I. Core in my project, which also uses Battle System - ATB (and the visual enemy gauges add-on). Interrupting attacks and using Guard well is a big thing in my current project, so I'd like some enemies to factor in the target's current ATB Speed or Charge and react...
  5. Need help with GTBS (Gain EXP on Counter, AI help)

    Further thinking on #3: If I could get each enemy that isn't in range of anything to calculate the path it'd take to the nearest target if it had all the movement in the world (let's say 100), then go as far along that path as it could on each turn, that'd be great. Maybe I'll look into how the...
  6. Need help with GTBS (Gain EXP on Counter, AI help)

    I've been using GubiD's Tactical Battle System and have run into three issues that will cause trouble down the line. I've searched the web and the related sites and even looked at the script, but couldn't figure anything out. If anyone can help me resolve these issues, I'd appreciate it greatly...
  7. (CLOSED) Need state that vanishes when enemy attack is evaded

    I figured it out! Just had to tweak item_apply like so: class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase def item_apply(user, item) @result.clear @result.used = item_test(user, item) @result.missed = (@result.used && rand >= item_hit(user, item)) @result.evaded = (!@result.missed && rand <...
  8. (CLOSED) Need state that vanishes when enemy attack is evaded

    (Please let me know if this is in the wrong forum.) I'm trying to make a skill in my game that causes the user to avoid any one enemy attack automatically, after which evade rates are set back to normal. The "avoiding the attack" part is easy enough- just add 100% EVA and MEV- but I'm having...

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