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  1. Virage_Detoldev

    Problem with delay on drawText on a Bitmap

    Hello everyone, how are you? I would like someone to help with something. I tried to understand how the creation of the status window works on the menu and I could not, so I decided to create a mask, leaving the windows invisible and using the index of the members to display pictures and etc...

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edit: third time's the charm? some graphic text I whipped up that I like for the mid-game intertitle, now with all of the actual letters in the stupid damn words I was trying to spell :uswt2:
It is december, my dudes

I love it when a plan comes together, and especially when Ruby decides to work with me when I decide to code. :kaopride:
Got sick and had to take a few days off work in order to get tested and make sure it wasn't the big one. Felt a lot better today and thought to myself, "Hey now, I can't get tested until tomorrow anyway, I can get so much character art done today!"
....I watched Youtube and browsed this site for hours instead.
But at least I'm doing the art now! Yaaaaay.......

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