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  1. Esperia

    Fantastic Buildings Modern - Modern disappointment...

    I just purchased this DLC in steam and I have to say I was totally disappointed... It was nothing but premade buildings with no custom parts to create your own buildings, While I am sure some people use the pre made buildings for creative things in their map for me this is useless, No offense...
  2. Esperia

    How to turn off console on boot?

    So I don't know what I did when I was using MV yesterday and now I can't seem to turn off the dev console on boot...
  3. Esperia

    Auto buff in battle based on map terrain?

    Is there a way to have some characters gain a buff when they enter battle when they are on a specific terrain or map? Like let's say you a have an archer in your party that's knowledgeable about forests and you're exploring X forest map and enter battle whit a random mob, This is when the...
  4. Esperia

    Item Get Info Plus (Text Cut)

    So I was poking around the web browsing for scripts and found one that I have been meaning to use in my projects for a long time now, It's a script that pops up a smal rectangular window after you get an item and displays Icon/Name/Number/Description... Found it on a japanese blog and...
  5. Esperia

    [Solved] RPG MV ~ Underwater fish sprite?

    So I was making a forest map in mv whit a little pond in one of the maps when I noticed there are no fish sprites in the base mv... So basically I was looking for a "blue spot" kind of sprite to go whit the base rtp like when you see a fish swimming underwater (a small blue dot resembling a...
  6. Esperia

    Can't upload profile photo?

    I'm using waterfox 64 bit, but It seems I'm unable to upload any kind of photo when choosing upload photo on profile edit, The photo seems to upload fine but after it's finished uploading no preview image is displayed at all, The square where the image goes just remains blank. EDIT: Tried...
  7. Esperia

    Antilag plugin?

    So I just started using RPGMV about yesterday and noticed that when you switch from windowed to fullscreen the FPS fluctuate significantly, Not really noticeable on default resolution, But when using Yanfly's core engine and changing the resolution the fluctuation keeps getting bigger and...

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