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  1. Cubic

    How to download already purchased assets?

    I purchased some assets around a year ago, back when I had my old PC which sadly died. I want to use them for the game I am currently working on, how can I download them again?
  2. Cubic

    Difference between Self Switch and Normal Switch?

    Never learned the difference when I first started using Makers 5 years ago... this question just randomly popped in my head :/ Anyway, title says it all, what's the difference between Self Switch and a Normal Switch?
  3. Cubic

    Pausing a loop

    I feel like a noob for not knowing this but oh well >.<  I have a loop going on, how do I add a pause, so the player can keep doing stuff but it takes X seconds for the loop to start again?
  4. Cubic

    Futuristic Spaceships

    Hello there, I'm just searching for some Spaceships that I can use for free in my non-commercial game... Futuristic preferred, and MV would be preferred though I can make any other type work. Thanks in advance :-) (sorry for lack of details, I'm boarding a plane and wanted to get this out ASAP) 
  5. Cubic

    Having trouble with Medieval Town Bundle

    I'm not sure if this is in the right topic discussion or not, so move it if you have to Mods.  Anyway, I recently purchased Medieval Town Bundle from the rpgmakerweb graphics store. All was fine and dandy until I got to the buildings: they were all in different image files so I could only add...
  6. Cubic

    Laser Spike - The Space RPG

    Laser Spike - The Space RPG   Synopsis: Screenshots: Characters:   World/Environment: Online Play/Download: Update Log: 2/13/16 - Original Post
  7. Cubic

    Movement on Paralaxx Maps

    Hey guys, in a Space game I am making: You travel around in a spaceship in space. For the maps, I used a picture a friend of mine took a few days ago. It works in MV just fine. However, when I try to move on the map: It won't let me. Since there is no tileset section in the database for me to...
  8. Cubic

    Space/Planet Tileset

    Hey there, I am creating a Space Adventure game where you play as a space pirate trying to earn money and take out rivals during a galaxy-wide war. I need some Space/Planet graphics for the game. I couldn't find any for RPG Maker MV, if anyone had a link to any, or can make some, that'd be...
  9. Cubic

    Spaceship Adventure game?

    Hi there! I was wondering if it were possible to create a Space Adventure game where you fly in a spaceship, and you can upgrade your blasters, wings, engine ect. If there are any scripts I could use for this, linking them would be terrific. Thank you! 
  10. Cubic

    Any good WordPress web hosting?

    Hello! I just got a new eCommerce theme for wordpress, now I need to find a good web hosting to use with.  They recommend the ones on this list: I can't decide on which one I should choose, can anyone give me some help/tell me their personal experience...
  11. Cubic

    I have the #1 most helpful review on Steam for MV

    I am so proud of myself. Now the question is: How long can I keep my spot?  :P
  12. Cubic

    Hosting MV Game for HTML5

    So I need to host my MV game for web browser... are there any free services I can use? If so, then please let me know! Thank you!
  13. Cubic

    Sunrise Station

    ------------Sunrise Station----------   DESCRIPTION: Sunrise Station is currently a small game the circles around a boy (your character) named Adam and his family. You live helping out your father on "Sunshine Farm" where you must complete day-day tasks in order to progress through the...
  14. Cubic

    HTML5 Not Loading Properly

    Whenever I export to Windows and try opening the HTML file in the "www" file, I get this instead of my game: 
  15. Cubic

    RPG Maker MV Trial

    And email was just sent out to all subscribers of RPG Maker news that the Trial version for RPG Maker MV is now available! Didn't see any threads on it so I just decided to post... You can download it here:
  16. Cubic

    HTML5 release?

    Where is the HTML5 export? The only options I see are Windows, Mac OSX, and IOS / Android Was HTML5 release taken out of the engine?...
  17. Cubic

    Skills not appearing?

        I have been putting a lot of work into my recent RPG game, but I have just encountered a problem. I have been trying for days to figure it out, but I couldn't so I'm going to post it here.      I have made custom classes for each of my characters, including skills. I selected "Seal Skill...
  18. Cubic

    Creating My Own Website

    Hello everyone!  I am thinking about making my own website for some of my friends, and my own, games to be put on for sale. The only problem I have is my lack of HTML and CSS skills, I'd be much better off using a website builder.  Are there any recommended website builders and cheap domain...
  19. Cubic

    Any good publishing sites out there?

    Hey, couldn't find anything on this topic so I am going to make a new thread. I was curios if there are any good game publishing sites out there? (Besides the very popular ones such as Steam ect.) If any of you know of some/own one, I'd appreciate it to be notified. Thanks :-)
  20. Cubic

    Game Character Hub for MV?

    Will Game Character Hub be updated for RPG Maker MV?  If not, will there be a new software for creating sprites? 

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