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  1. isakbladh

    Need some sprite animations

    Could someone remake this sprites like this: I whould like the boy with black hair have one sprite when it look's like his falling. The another when hes lying on the ground then i whould like this one to look likes he pushed the boy, like have both his arms forward. note its the boy with...
  2. isakbladh

    Need a script

    Anyone know a script that makes the battle go outside the battle system, like if you have a sword in your hand the click you attack What i mostly want is a script like this but with a gun
  3. isakbladh

    need help with high fantasy pack

    So i just bought high fantasy pack! :) Problem: In the charsets there is alot of animatons, like when youre: running, idle and stuff how do i make it so that when i sprint i get that animation i want?
  4. isakbladh

    My publish is wrong?!!?

    When i compress game data with both scaures checked, then open game.exe it says everything is missing, tilsets, pictures nothing is in the game! am i doing something wrong!? pls help
  5. isakbladh

    need help with publish

    So i have this script called: khas awesome light effects To get the lights you create a new folder in graphics were you put all light effects when i compress game data with both scaures checked, then start game.exe the light folder isn't with! Though this works if you uncheck encrypt game...
  6. isakbladh

    Recolor recuest!

    Someone that can make a recolor on any of those to dark red. Whould be awesome Only the text, numbers and dats! Screenshots:
  7. isakbladh

    Need help with item

    So i've made a common event activating a small light around the player I've then made a item with effect: Call common event "then the light event" That works fine but i whould like that if you press the item again you removes the light Is that possible? if so pls comment how! Common event...
  8. isakbladh

    Looking for some titles

    I whould like these: Play Continue Exit Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 in some sort of dark red color, it's to a horror game so make it scary if possible
  9. isakbladh

    Need help with moghunters stage select script

    So this is how i made it look: What i want to do is change where the face is, anyone who have this script than can help me locate the cordinates of it?
  10. isakbladh

    Looking for ghost potrait

    Can someone make a ghost potrait of her: whould be mouch apriceated! also could someone do a recolor on the normal tile: Inside_A2 So that this floor is brown: also make the holes that you can...
  11. isakbladh

    Tileset recuest

    So my game plays out in a old manison I whould like a tileset, with wall, floor and most important: stuff thats looking old and holes in the floor whould be awesome if someone could either link me a tileset or make one!
  12. isakbladh

    Need help with common event

    So im using Khas Awesome Light Effects But only want the light to work when a button is pressed, like im activating the torch by pressing a button So how whould i do this, i tryed cordinotal branch > script > then call common event light, (my light event) But then i only...
  13. isakbladh

    Need help with import

    Okay so i want to use Khas Awesome Light Effects i goes to: program(86) > Steam > SteamApps > Common > RPGVXAce > projects Then all my prjocets as rar files shows up: I go to my project > Graphics and paste the light folder over. When is...
  14. isakbladh

    Need help with publish fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When i use compress game data (both boxes checked) my picturees doesn't come with!? this is very important couse i have many pictures in my game! pls help
  15. isakbladh

    Need two potraits to kiss!

    anyone who can maker her: and him: Kiss, whould be moch apreciated!! Will credit of course!!!
  16. isakbladh

    I need help with a bug or something

    Okay so this is how it looks in the editor: And this is how it looks when i play test: someone have any idea why i can see the walls there? Pls comment if u know how to solve this
  17. isakbladh

    Need a title for my game

    Okay so im making a Horror/adventure game called: Birth of Insanity What i need is the title. (The ones i made myself i didn't like) heres a screenshot of the title screen i whould like red and balck colors, whould be awesome if someone could...
  18. isakbladh

    Need help with event

    Okay so i created this event and at the end you will get teleported like 2 blocks away but then you can't move! I have checked in the system so that there is a circle on the floor and there is nothing else blockin the way! here is a screenshot of the event...
  19. isakbladh

    need help with game

    okay so im planning on making a horror game. i have been trying to find charsets, busts and sprites for some modern charaters but can't really find anything. if u know something i can use or maybe even make pls comment. i also came up with the story but it's pretty bad, if you have a good story...
  20. isakbladh

    Need help with publish!!!!!!!!

    I know how every file- compress game data and then include rtp. but there is n button saying inlcude rtp!!! pls help image of it:

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