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  1. Sarena

    [SOLVED] RMMZ Free Trial Error

    EDIT: I realized this is a duplicate of another post here after doing some digging. Mods, you can go ahead and remove my post. Hello, my friend is trying to download the free trial of RPG Maker MZ from here and it doesn't seem to be working. She's tried multiple email addresses and multiple...
  2. Sarena

    RMMZ Potential Memory Leak with NWJS

    I noticed after testing my RMMZ game a bunch of times in a row that my CPU was at 100%, and that lots of instances of nwjs were open and taking up the majority of my memory. I had just been working in some Scripts that use arrays, so I was thinking that might have to do with it, so I figured I'd...
  3. Sarena

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Triacontane's AutoSelfSwitch Plugin: Multiple Self Switches?

    Hi, I'm using Triacontane's AutoSelfSwitch Plugin, and I'm looking for a way to either control multiple self switches, or to call a common event before the self switch is called. Basically, I'm trying to create an enemy that will chase the player after they've reached a certain distance from...
  4. Sarena

    RMMZ VisuStellaMZ MainMenuCore: Moving Windows on the Main Menu

    I've been working with the VisuStella MZ plugins to customize my menu screen, but after looking through documentation and some of the JavaScript commands in the plugin itself, I'm a bit stuck on figuring out a few things. I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction on where I...
  5. Sarena

    [RMMZ] Error: No available storage method found ( on Windows 10)

    I'm receiving the error message "Error: No available storage method found" when trying to play a Web browser version of my exported MZ project. It doesn't seem to happen on every computer, because I've gotten past the error message on one of my computers, so I'm not sure what's causing the...
  6. Sarena

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Common Event When Message Box Opens/Closes (VisuStellaMZ Message Core)

    TLDR; Is there a way to set Common Events to run when a message box is opened/closed, or a way to implement that into the VisuStellaMZ Message Core plugin using Text Code Actions/Macros? I'm working on a dialogue system that currently looks like this: Right now, to show each message box...
  7. Sarena

    RMMZ [SOLVED] VisuStella Message Core: How to Properly Use Macros/Text Codes?

    Hi, I'm having some trouble fully understanding how macros/text code actions/replacements work in the VisuStella Message Core plugin (currently using version 1.21), after reading through the wiki/troubleshooting pages, and was hoping someone could help clarify for me! I'm trying to create a new...
  8. Sarena

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Custom Variable Bar: Move Picture Doesn't Move

    Hello, I'm working on a custom battle system that is made through events and not using any of the built-in battles or plugins in RPG Maker MZ. I just finished creating a health bar that is controlled with a variable. Here's a video of it working in-game. My next task is that I'd like the bar...
  9. Sarena

    RMMZ [Solved] Random Variable Range

    I'm working on a custom battle system, and I'm looking to make an attack that deals damage between some random numbers. I have the base attack value that I'd like to base these numbers on stored in variable 30. Currently, I'm trying to store this new random damage value into a new variable...
  10. Sarena

    RMMZ [Solved] Need Help with Storing Values within an Array Variable

    I'm working on making a custom battle system that uses character friendship points to determine various mechanics. I'm currently having trouble efficiently tracking these friendship stats between characters. The game I'm working on is planned to have tons of playable characters, much like Chrono...
  11. Sarena

    RMMZ Event Label Not Disappearing (VisuStella Events Move Core)

    I'm using the VisuStella Events and Movements Core plugin to display labels above sprites on the map. I'd like to have the label disappear after a switch is turned on, but for some reason, the Event Label: Visible plugin command isn't working properly to do that. Here's the event I made: The...
  12. Sarena

    [SOLVED] Fonts Not Loading Properly

    I'm having issues with fonts loading properly in MZ. I'm trying to use a custom font that worked in MV, but when I load it into MZ, it doesn't read my font and uses some alternative default font. Here's what I've done so far: The screenshot above shows: I copied the font name...
  13. Sarena

    Call a Common Event in the Equip Menu

    I'm looking for a way to call a common event on the Equip menu screen. Basically, I want the character portrait in the Equip screen to change as you equip armor, but I've only found a way to make this image change once you close the menu and open it back up (through a common event that's...
  14. Sarena

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Changing Menu Text Size in VisuStella MainMenuCore

    I've been customizing the menu screens using VisuStella Core and Main Menu Core, and I'm looking to further customize them to change the font size of specific elements on the main menu. Right now I've successfully removed some of the text on the main menu screen by changing the code in the Line...
  15. Sarena

    [SOLVED] Party Member ID Script Call

    I'm trying to reference the agility parameter of a party member, rather than a specific actor in the database since the party will be constantly changing/chosen by the player throughout my game. So basically what I'm trying to find is the agility parameter of party members 1, 2, 3, and 4. I...
  16. Sarena

    [SOLVED] Conflicting Plugins: Word Wrap & PictureCallCommon

    I am having an issue specifically with Yanfly's Message Core and triacontane's PictureCallCommon plugins working together. When both plugins are being used, Word Wrap does not work. What the Issue looks like: How to Recreate the Issue in the Demo Project: Test Play the game. Click on the...
  17. Sarena

    Character Profile Screen (Image Based)

    Hi there, I have been searching for a plugin that works similarly to Social Links in the Dangan Ronpa (example) and Persona (example) series for the past year now. I am finally bringing this up here in hopes that someone will be able to create the plugin that would work with my game...
  18. Sarena

    YEP_MessageCore Second Font Issues

    Hi, I am currently working on a game where the player has the ability to name the main character. I want the characters' names to all appear in all CAPS in the name box. My current solution has been to change the font in the name box so that it is a font that is all CAPS (since that would be...
  19. Sarena

    Request: Text-Based Game Features (VX Ace to MV)

    I am working on a visual novel game that is primarily text-based and includes lots of choices. So what I'm looking for are actually two scripts that were originally created in VX Ace to be translated into plugins for use in MV. The first one is Regendo's MenuScreen While Message Script. Allows...

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