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  1. JadenDew

    Enlarged 32px Tiles in MV

    I love the Ancient Dungeon Tileset Pack and wanted it in MV in 48px. So I had to resize it. I am hoping for some opinions on the result. Tools Used: Waifu2x, Photoshop Problems I had Encountered (and tried solving): Tile Leakage - Not just a thing for tilesets, happens to facesets too...
  2. JadenDew

    Mixing Artstyles

    Hey people, Um I hope this is the right thread to ask this. I have bought the Dark Hero pack from the forum store and am wondering if the artstyle could go with RTP bust shots. I feel that it is alright but I want to know your opinions on the mix too. Here is an example shot:
  3. JadenDew

    Unable to Purchase from Forum Store without a Card

    Today, I visited the forum store to purchase Member+. However, because I do not own a credit or debit card, my paypal does not have one linked. My paypal has sufficient funds but I am unable to pay for my purchase due to the lack of a card linked. Thus, I am unable to obtain that shiny Member+...
  4. JadenDew

    Hello People....

    Hello people, It is been awhile since the support people have lifted some restrictions on my IP and account but haven't exactly been very.. sociable. >< (I assure you I haven't done anything bad .. it is one of those "Your IP is flagged but you haven't even been here to do anything bad" sort of...

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