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  1. tylerr90

    RMMV a plugin that allows mind controlled allies to use skills and attack their allies

    hello everyone I don't know if this is already implemented but you know how on restriction you put attack allies to make it a mindcontrol state kinda like the default charmed state you get but I would like it to instead attack their allies by using their skills instead of just using the attack...
  2. tylerr90

    looking for nursery bgm for rpg maker mv

    hello everyone! I would like to request a bgm for a nursery one for horror and normal I need it for rpg maker mv and it has to be for a game I'm selling on ******* thank you for listening.
  3. tylerr90

    make a baby high chair for eating tileset

    hello everyone I would like to request a tileset for my game baby fight realm a baby high chair for rpg maker mv here's a picture of what it looks like I would also like it big enough for the player to sit on it
  4. tylerr90

    mechanic for bathroom urges

    hi I would like a plugin that adds bathroom urges to specific actors in the database because I'm making a game based off sky high movie on Netflix basically I got the concept Idea from that specific movie and I hope it does not seem weird I admit it is a little weird but its based off that movie...
  5. tylerr90

    enemy sprite request for my character amy

    hello I would like a enemy sprite for my character amy holding a whip oh and its for rpg maker mv thanks here is a pic of her

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