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  1. edit: Nevermind, remove this thread.

    edit: Never mind I just noticed how Victor takes commissions. If it's not too expensive and he has wants to and can do it I might just do that instead.
  2. What's up with events?

    Sorry for the amount of threads I make xP. Anyways: In RMXP if I place an event on an object I can't walk trough, I have to stand next to it while facing it , press the action button and it will work. In VX Ace however, It seems I have to stand exactly ON the event itself or it won't work...
  3. Tree shadows different after photoshop editing?

    So I made my first parralax map(just to test) In RPG Maker VX Ace.  I converted an XP Tileset to a VX Ace one. However, the shadows of the trees in the parallax background are the color they should be, while the converted tileset has a darker shadow color. It looks really strange, and I'm not...
  4. Map to PNG For Rpg maker XP and VX Ace

    I want to make a map in Rpg Maker XP and use it as a paralax map, Which is why I want a script or program that can export an RMXP map to an image file. I'd also like a script or program that can export rpg maker VX Ace maps to a png image(or any image file), since that could also come in handy...
  5. Tileset not acting like I want it to.

    This is Rpg maker VX Ace. I converted the XP Tileset the a Vx Ace tileset and used an xp character with a script.(not sure if this is allowed for non commercial use, I hope so) I opened my XP and VX Ace at the same time and out exactly the same settings on the tileset in VX Ace. Tough walking...

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