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  1. autodidact

    I need help making Tilesets

    I found this tutorial very helpful in understanding autotiles: It shows a couple of GIFs showing how to make an autotile fit together, that visual helped me a lot more than a color-corded chart. This tutorial may also be...
  2. autodidact

    Plugin making help

    Hi, I found a couple of keyboard bugs in the code I gave you. So, here is some extra stuff to add to the rest. What does this fix? You can now use the up and down arrow on the keyboard and it will properly wrap to the next line of input. Removes "Page" option functionality from keyboard...
  3. autodidact

    Plugin making help

    Hi, I have been enjoying fiddling around with the RPG MV maker base code. Try saving and putting this into a .js file in your plugins folder. It might not quite be what you want, but you can always tweak some of the specifics to get closer. // Window_NameInput.LATIN1 = // [...
  4. autodidact

    RMMV GALV - Galvs MV Prize Wheel

    Hello again, Just a quick note on my suggestion above. None of the images defined using the code above are preloaded, so the game could open the prize scene while images are still loading. You could code proper loading of those images into the plugin, or just use...
  5. autodidact

    RMMV GALV - Galvs MV Prize Wheel

    Changing the prize wheel graphic is really easy mid-event, if I understand your request right. Try inserting this line as a script command in an event before the Prize Wheel's start() is called. Galv.PRIZE.wheelimg = "prizewheel2"; //Insert whatever file name you are using in place of...
  6. autodidact

    Help to make the lava puzzle.

    If I ever get far enough in my game, I might actually try out this plugin. One of it's highlights: Make water move to flow and block a certain area. I hope it works for you.
  7. autodidact

    RMMV [Request] Change profile information location/ show the custom variables/parameters in the status screen

    Oh, sorry, I forgot about that. Also, since you are overwriting functions, it is a good idea to put these into a plugin and keep it at the very top of your list. That way other plugins think yours is the original declaration of the methods. Try this: Window_Status.prototype.drawBlock4 =...
  8. autodidact

    RMMV [Request] Change profile information location/ show the custom variables/parameters in the status screen

    Hello, I think this might work for you. Your window already indicates that you are not showing actor equipped items. So, I hope it doesn't matter that I am overwriting the drawEquipments method. Paste the below into a text file and name it with a ".js" extension, and put it in your plugins...
  9. autodidact

    RMMV How to use the left/rightArrowVisible, they don't exist as functions. But they exist as pictures

    Hi, I've been toying with windows and found this method in "rpg_windows.js". //Just rename Window_Base to the class name of your HUD window Window_Base.prototype.standardPadding = function() { return 18; //smaller number means you can draw nearer the window border. }; Overriding this...
  10. autodidact

    How to make a swimming system? (like old zelda games)

    Well, ShadowDragon has a really great link! Probably the way to go for swimming plugins. But I think it uses a different method than you are currently implementing, Timmy77. If you are interested in avoiding tileset marking, here is a revamped version of my code. (Again, I'm working off MV...
  11. autodidact

    How to make a swimming system? (like old zelda games)

    This brief change to the core has seems to work. Of course it would need to be adjusted to work only for ships, and for any region ID of your choice, assuming it even still works in MZ. Game_Vehicle.prototype.isLandOk = function(x, y, d) { if (this.isAirship()) { if...
  12. autodidact

    (Bright side of the storm?) Well, at least you have a team.

    (Bright side of the storm?) Well, at least you have a team.
  13. autodidact

    RMMV How do I Refresh Custom Windows

    Yes, that "referenceToMenu" was old code when I only wanted 1 window. I love how your "manual HUD refresh" plugin command looks. But I'm not sure if I'll need it now that I know how to write a proper update method. Oh and that is really good to know about addChild and addWindow. I really...
  14. autodidact

    Script simple math from weighted percentage sum from variable

    Hm, maybe I missed something, but if you want 20% shouldn't you be doing 20/100. For example, you could write: $gameVariables.value(4)/(20/100) Or just do: $gameVariables.value(4)/0.2
  15. autodidact

    RMMV How do I Refresh Custom Windows

    EDIT: I make the stupidest mistakes when I program. When implementing the update method, I typed this.update() in place of this.refresh(), creating an infinite loop. I fixed that and it works perfectly, for both HUDs. Thanks, Caethyril! Yay, the Cae-valry has arrived! I don't remember where I...
  16. autodidact

    RMMV How do I Refresh Custom Windows

    Hello, I am trying to work on making multiple windows for a HUD display. It works to display the windows and images, but only one of the windows will update (the last one). I can't for the life of me figure out why only one of my windows will update when every other window in the map scene...
  17. autodidact

    RMMV Spellzone

    Well, I just finished the demo, and now I am amped for more. I mean, I haven't even gotten to spend any of my currency yet! :D You may have already addressed these thoughts, too, with your new update. But here's another two cents. (See picture in spoiler) At this point in the game the event...
  18. autodidact

    Enlarge Tile Menu, I Have Very Poor Eyesight?

    Hi, I kind of found it a strain to look a these tiles. So, I did a little fiddling around to improve the size. If you are using Windows, you may be able to increase the size at which the program displays through compatibility settings. First, open up File Explorer and find your executable...
  19. autodidact

    RMMV Restrict Player movement when button is pressed

    If you don't mind trying someone else's code, I'd give Galv's Stationary Turn plugin a look. I used a bit of code on line 73 to use a switch so I can halt walking and turn only. So, it should work for you. You'd have to decide if you were okay with always turning in place, or else you'd have to...
  20. autodidact

    Piano Puzzle

    Hi, Now, I wish I knew German, but I think I understand what you are doing in the code. But I'm not quite clear on the outcome you want. It sounds like you want the player to start the melody from the beginning if they make a mistake in input at any point in the melody. If that is the case...

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