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  1. soundcloud music search best practices?

    what have you guys found works best when searching for media to use on a game like BGM. I want to search soundcloud and ask makers there if they are ok with me using their music or such, but I am having trouble figuring out the best way to search. is there a genre or term I can use to find stuff...
  2. RMMZ yanfly core engine plugin causing pop up

    i get this window popping up everytime I playtest the game. is there a paramater I have set wrong or something else that would be causing this?
  3. first time requesting, enemies needed

    Resource Type: enemy sprites Maker Format: MZ Art Style: honestly don't know the differences in styles, but cartoony would probably fit? stuff close to the included enemies in MZ. I am looking to use items not included in the MZ pack. Description: I am looking for sprites for my early stage...
  4. searching for existing questions

    I find it hard to find answers, so im not sure if I am doing it right or im just.......dumb but I try and search this site for the questions I have and i get nothing, or google and i get nothing..... example: google - can you use mv enemy sprites for mz, my results are just how to use custom...
  5. making a door event lead to different maps, and dungeon checkpoint tips?

    [edit] I thought id change my wording to make this easier for what I am looking for. I know how to make transfers and doors that lead to new maps. And I have edited them to modify a variable. But I still haven't figured out how to make it a condition based on acquisition of an item to lead to a...
  6. [SOLVED] generate dungeon bug?

    just started playing with the maker, and found the generate dungeon shortcut. when i set it to rooms and pick the scheme, after three generations it just stays stuck on a full empty room. it does not change anything after successive generates. is this a bug or am I supposed to reset something...
  7. bubble animation not working

    I am trying to make little notices for my playtesting friends for when i have updated a certain portion of the map. there are no triggers for it, i just want the bubble to show until i delete the event. but the bubble icon just isn't showing up correctly. Still new so i played around with a few...
  8. New to all of this, having trouble finding answers. Making mini map

    Is this forum the best source for finding answers? Is there any other sources? Why I ask is because I am trying to find out how to just even make a mini map and a search here just gives me vx ace relevant stuff about modifying an already made map. I have MZ. And need to just start out creating...

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