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  1. What part of your game do you usually work on first?

    I usually have an idea that keeps going back and forth in my head, then i will plan how the gameplay/mechanics will work alongside the story. Right after this point, i will be probably doing some concept art, as well establishing the characters, envisioning the scenes and writing dialogue...
  2. (RM2K) Fullscreen Scaling Improperly

    Alright! Thank you for even looking into this, it's already exciting just to know that you I'll be contacting them, that working or not ;)
  3. Is RPG Maker 2000 still worth it? Do 2k games run on Win 10? EULA?

    Ah, my bad. I only thought it worked that way because that's kinda what I've heard in some discussions on Steam, I hadn't take a look on the actual EULA yet hehe Thanks for clearing that up ~
  4. Is RPG Maker 2000 still worth it? Do 2k games run on Win 10? EULA?

    I'm rather curious about the EULA too. I've read that you can patch RM2K3 freely because it's now legally fine, but how about RM2K?
  5. (RM2K) Fullscreen Scaling Improperly

    I'm actually using your launcher! (I was digging around in the forums :p) I find it quite useful and I love the option to put an image file as a splash screen and alter the icon. Oh, hoy! I did found RM2k3 to be more polished overall, quite interesting to know how everything came to be as it...
  6. (RM2K) Fullscreen Scaling Improperly

    Hi! I'm using RPG Maker 2000 (Steam Version), and I'm loving using it so far... But I've noticed the game doesn't scale properly while in fullscreen, it seems that my computer applies some sort of bilinear filter on top of it. I tried searching for a solution and came across an old plugin made...

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