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  1. pinkapinkie

    Story tracker script

    Hello everyone! I'd like to request a little script that could be helpful for everybody to use. It would be a simple story tracker, all this does is showing a little string of text when a button is pressed, but only on the map. For example, you press A button (should be customizable), then on...
  2. pinkapinkie

    Runic warrior

    Hello everyone. Playing around with Eredan gave me an idea over something which could be made with eventing and variables, but wouldn't have graphics and all. So I thought i would need a script to do so. What i thought of is this: having a runic warrior, like those in Eredan. They are special...
  3. pinkapinkie

    RGSS2 to RGSS3 Weapon Upgrade Script Port

    Hello everybody, I would like this neat weapon upgrade's script by richter_h ported to Ace. He was asked for a conversion already, but I wanted to ask any scripter out there to give this a try, since he didn't make any progress on it. This is the link to his script: ...
  4. pinkapinkie

    [Demo Released] Far Beyond Universe

    Far Beyond Universe   "... And it is in this warm and sunny morning, that our kind will face the true nature of fear. Humans."   - King Flavares the Last Story Synopsis: You are a girl who wakes up in an unknown place. You don't know where you are, who you are, and how you got there. All around...
  5. pinkapinkie

    ~[Linked Skills & Enchanted Equipment VXAce]~

    If I set in a weapon's notebox :passive => 2 for example, it casts no skill. In your instructions, it says that to enchant an equipment we must place :passive => x or :passive => [x, p] but it doesn't really work even in a fresh project. Am I missing something? Edit: now i think i get it. It's...

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thanks to a lot of lunatic coding... my game finally has a stun mechanic that I feel really good about. damage enemy's mental psyche (mp), and once empty, hitting with certain attacks trigger combos that can stack the damage.
Waiting for the 1.40 update before testing out my copy of MZ so that I don't end up adding unnecessary work to my plate. Meanwhile the current fourth draft for my story is taking shape, and I'm fleshing out the lore as I realize how things would make better sense here and there for the world that I'm building.
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Just found out about your complications. I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I wish I could do something substantial for you, but our distance from each other makes that an impossibility. Still, if you ever need to talk or vent, I'm here.
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I don't know, if any words will help right now, but here is a hug. And my offer to help you with Escalia, if you ever want or need help with it. Tiles or mapping especially.
MZ weather + title screen update is here! (Also includes MZ and MV RETRO demo project updates)

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