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  1. Tengisgol

    What time system does this use?

    I have downloaded the RM game Pali - Chapters of Resistance and I was wondering what time system it used, so I could integrate it into my own game. I first though it was Orange but realised that seemed different. Does anybody know? Many thanks.
  2. Tengisgol

    ReferenceError: luk is not defined?

    I got this error message when I used a skill in a battle test with this formula: a.atk * 4 + luk I don't know why this is showing because it shouldn't since that is the abbreviation for luck. I am using MV Version 1.5.2. Was this changed since I updated? It also showed this...
  3. Tengisgol

    Skills and Items help needed

    I need some help answering these three questions please in MV: 1 - How do I create a skill that randomly damages either the target or the user, which is affected slightly by luck? 2 - How do I create an item or skill that takes time to have an effect (e.g. a potion that takes two turns to...
  4. Tengisgol

    Need Plugins for Survival Game

    I have recently started a new project in MV and I have now realised I need some plugins. I searched all over the internet for them but could not find anything. This is what I need: A plugin for a hunger and thirst system; A plugin for a temperature system; A plugin for an inventory limit that...
  5. Tengisgol

    (solved now!) Error - "Unable to read file Game.rpgproject" please help

    I tried to reopen my saved game this morning and all I am getting is this error message, does anyone have any ideas please? I tried to copy the game.rpgproject file into a new game, like it said in a similar thread, but I still get the same message.
  6. Tengisgol

    Help needed - issue transferring between maps

    I have been creating a small game using RMMV but when you transfer between two maps you just can't move afterwards. I have spent a few hours trying to fix this but nothing seems to work, can you help please, any ideas?

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Just found out about your complications. I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I wish I could do something substantial for you, but our distance from each other makes that an impossibility. Still, if you ever need to talk or vent, I'm here.
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I don't know, if any words will help right now, but here is a hug. And my offer to help you with Escalia, if you ever want or need help with it. Tiles or mapping especially.
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