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  1. Nade-sama01

    Nade's Artwork - A little of everything

    Hi there! I wanted to share with you the resources and samples that I'm making myself for my RPGMV project~ I'm a complete newbie at pixel art so advices and criticism on how to improve are appreciated!  :D Sprites Tilesets/Maps Character Animation (I'll make this kind of stuff...
  2. Nade-sama01

    Character Sprite Size

    Hello~! Well, I'm going to buy the RPG Maker MV soon :D But for the moment I'm getting started with this little project using the demo version:3 I'm making my custom character sprites, but I found the following problem: yeah, I know, they're still bald and nude xDDDD As you can see, the...

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Making games is the only thing I'm good at. Real talk.
So, uh... where's the RPG Maker MZ update with the MV animation system? Is there a release date confirmed?
Also I'm kind of brave enough to admit this. I... I have a crush on Sephiroth.
Please don't call me anything offensive. I'm naturally crazy.
thanks to a lot of lunatic coding... my game finally has a stun mechanic that I feel really good about. damage enemy's mental psyche (mp), and once empty, hitting with certain attacks trigger combos that can stack the damage.
Waiting for the 1.40 update before testing out my copy of MZ so that I don't end up adding unnecessary work to my plate. Meanwhile the current fourth draft for my story is taking shape, and I'm fleshing out the lore as I realize how things would make better sense here and there for the world that I'm building.
Sword_of_Dusk wrote on BCj's profile.
Just found out about your complications. I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I wish I could do something substantial for you, but our distance from each other makes that an impossibility. Still, if you ever need to talk or vent, I'm here.

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