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  1. RoseofElandil

    Change size of skill window in battle

    Hi guys, hopefully this is not in the wrong forum... I've enlarged the window for my VX Ace game, but unfortunately the skill window have not resized with the enlargement. I was wondering if there's a code I have to edit to make it resize so that the 2 columns of all skill lists in battle are...
  2. RoseofElandil

    Iconset Source?

    Hello, My apologies if it's the wrong thread...I've been seeing these icons on the web a long time ago, I think I had the impression it's free to use but now I'm not sure and Googling didn't help much in my case. Can I ask if someone knows who made these icons, and how are their terms of use...
  3. RoseofElandil

    Modification to MogHunter's Kekkai Script

    Hello there, again sorry to be asking this, been stuck for awhile... I find Moghunter's Kekkai script really awesome. What it does is that it kind of changes battle background while at the same time implements a lot of cool effects like Reverse Damage, HP always = 1, etc that does not wear off...
  4. RoseofElandil

    Change picture for MogHunter's Actor CM Script

    Hello there, sorry to be asking this, but I was stuck on this issue for awhile... I'm using Moghunter's Actor Picture CM script, and it creates an actor image in the format of ( in battles. I was wondering if there's someone kind enough to help me out by adding a function...

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