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    I made treasure chest sprite for your project. Free for commercial or non-commercial.
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    Hyper Fox RPG: The Great Sorcery

    I finished made my first RPG Games called Hyper Fox RPG: The Great Sorcery Long time ago, Hyper defeated Evil Flippy with Phazon Beam and All Phazon are gone for good. One generation later, The two alien named Omo and Nue landing on Mystic Meadow to seek the Great Sorcery aka Hypzon. Omo...
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    Battle Pets Plugin   I really like Battle Pets System which allows to equip pets to actors that grant skills and abilities. Of course you can give foods to pets to gain EXP to level up, just like Galv's Battle Pets script from VX Ace.
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    Dead Actor Plugin

    I was wondering, that I'm interesting the dead actor plugin which the actor reached 0 HP then he/she become a Coffin, Ghost or Something until he/she revives, just like Dragon Warrior and Earthbound.

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