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  1. How to keep changing a variable during battle?? (time system)

    I have a variable in a common event on a parallel process constantly being added to. This manipulation stops during battle. Is there a way for this variable to keep being added to during battle. This is not a plugin request, don't move my thread. EDIT: I added a variable in an event (that...
  2. Enemy stat/combat balancing. Am I on the right track?

    I will not ask HOW to do this. I will try my best before I finally give up and say "show me how to into all the balancing." I've read a few threads about this, but there's still TONS of things never addressed in them. I made spreadsheet that scales attack, defense, and HP independently for...
  3. Constantly updating "show choice" menu possible? [SOLVED]

    Is it possible to event a show choice menu that displays options based on active switches? For instance: 3 switches. When each is turned on, it becomes a choice option. Do I have to make a branch for every possible combination of switches? If 1 is on then show 1 If 1, 2 are on then show 1, 2...
  4. Dealing with inconsistencies with time/era/century

    Having a hard time finding ways to explain GLARING inconsistencies with time. For instance, after a certain part of the world is completed, I want to completely isolate it from the player and remove it, and the method I thought of doing this with is travel. I thought...a train ride. Could even...

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