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  1. Silverskin

    RMMV .

    [Last Update: 1.11.2016] Welcome, game makers! This topic is about the game "Point Zero". Point Zero is an RPG which I would compare mostly to a mixture of Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and League of Legends. Below, you can find the newest updates and trailers to the game, which will, according...
  2. Silverskin

    Get the array length of states in a condition?

    Hey, for a skill that cures all negative states, I want to write a pice of my own code inside Yanflys action sequence. It looks like this: the ".meta.good" is already coded elsewhere and works perfectly fine. It flags states as good and not affected by luk's chance of not getting it...
  3. Silverskin

    Ignoring Luk (Luck) on positive states!

    Hey everyone,  I have been messing around with the "Luck" (LuK) parameter, and apparently, having a high amount of luck also nullifies the probability of positive states, such as hp regen. Especially if you use custom evaluation codes, such as yanflys lunatic state effects, luck has not...

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