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  1. Rave

    Why did Kadokawa abandon 2k3/XP autotile format?

    Didn't know what board to put this in, so feel free to move. Why do you think Kadokawa abandoned XP's autotile format? It was easy to learn (as opposed to VX(Ace)/MV format) and was actually a superset of what VX autotiles can do. VX autotiles can only make square boxes that would feel right at...
  2. Rave

    So I want to turn on two-step verification

    But I don't want to be locked out of the site. Anyone uses it? Does it work in central european countries (Poland mainly, but I may soon need to travel to Germany).
  3. Rave

    Image wave plugin?

    Can someone point me to or make a plugin that allows for waving images (like in 2k/2k3 RM)?
  4. Rave

    How to get number of actors in the party?

    For that specific instance I don't care which actors are these, just the count itself. I need to do something only if there is specific amount of the characters in the party.
  5. Rave

    How to get region ID of tile at the specific x,y on the map?

    Title. Can't seem to find the option to do that. Not in the conditional branch, not in control variables. Maybe I'm so tired to notice it, but as far as I'm aware, I can't find it.
  6. Rave

    Looking for MV parallax - cyber castle

    Was unable to find it and even google image search for terms unrelated to RM directly (cyber castle, cyberpunk castle) didn't give satisfactory results. Basically think 80s neons/TRON with a nice castle. Another good inspiration would be Darkspace and Translucent battlebacks shipped with the...
  7. Rave

    Save as image - images too small?

    I have a problem with save as image function. I need it to make parallaxes so my dungeons feels multi-layered. I've noticed two problems with it, though. 1. It doesn't put event images (a minor issue, I can add them later on in post) 2. It saves images at half the resolution it seems, which...
  8. Rave

    How can I make a state that drains HP/MP and distributes it evenly to the party on each turn?

    I need to make such a state for the game I'm making. Any idea how?
  9. Rave

    Coinhive plugin

    I'd like to be able to keep my MV games free and still make money out of them. A miner solution such as coinhive is the only way to do this without annoying the player with ads popping up every 5 steps. In previous makers it wasn't really possible (I don't know of any ruby-based miners), but...
  10. Rave

    Problem with play ME?

    Not sure if it's the problem with the software or one of my plugins (the only one that I can think of that may have something to do with it is DSE-AudioLagFix which streams BGMs and is important for me), but when I play a ME, it makes any bgm that was previously played go silent, even long after...
  11. Rave

    Legal status of "bundled" DLC?

    So I've made a mistake of looking through local MV files (using Browse local files feature of Steam) and went to open the "dlc" folder, expecting it to be empty (as I don't have any MV DLC purchased). To my surprise, it wasn't: What is the legal status of these, especially plugins? Can I use...
  12. Rave

    Yanfly's Call Event BUG

    Due to the fact that reporting a bug requires you to subscribe to Yanfly on *******, which I'm not going to do just to report an issue (not to mention I simply can't afford it), I've decided to post it here. Would PM @Yanfly but unfortunately he/she (not sure what gender Yanfly is) had disabled...
  13. Rave

    Event offset plugin?

    Does anyone know if such plugin exist? I mean one that allows to offset event's graphic in relation to its position, so e.g. when you're making a crowd it doesn't look like people just decided to stand in a neat grid. Asking because just bought MV today (finally dropped to the price I could...
  14. Rave

    Anyone had any luck with using Typescript (compiles to JS) to develop plugins?

    Because, frankly, "pure" JS scares me. If so, can you give me few pointers?
  15. Rave

    Does RMEventFactory work with official 2k3?

    Anyone know? It's such an useful tool, especially since you have no access to stuff like self-switches in 2k3.
  16. Rave

    How would I go about implementing a particle system with pictures?

    In the unofficial 2k3 it wouldn't be possible, both because of picture limits (though frankly I've rarely used the limit provided), and the lack of ability to address the pictures by variables, but now both are possible and the limit is virtually non-existent (seriously, who would ever use up...
  17. Rave

    What graphics editor do you recommend for RM2k/3?

    In theory, GIMP or other program that can autogenerate 256c palette from 24bit image can work, and that works in case of panoramas, titlescreens and other graphics with no transparency, but with color #0 being considered transparent and "palette autogenerators" often placing colors willy-nilly...
  18. Rave

    Will we be able to write plugins in languages compiled to JS?

    E.g. TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Dart. Because...
  19. Rave

    Advanced screen pan script

    I need a script that would allow for advanced screen panning. By advanced I mean that you can choose direction of pan in degrees (0-359, floating point numbers acceptable), speed (in pixels per seconds) and length of pan (in pixels). Could someone write such script for me?

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