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  1. Rave

    Sprited SV_Enemies

    Amazing work! Could you sprite a SV dragon, based on this character sprite by the @whtdragon? Thanks in advance.
  2. Rave

    Neon Black's Large Sprite Fix

    Hello, this plugin leads to performance degradation (as n, the game starts to slideshow) and ultimately a crash in 1.6.1 - does anyone know of alternatives to this plugin or a fixed version?
  3. Rave

    VX Ace Tileset Converted to MV

    Awesome work. Wonder if it'd look good to mix MV and Ace resources since they're so similar (aside of the size).
  4. Rave

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Really like your upright dragon sprite. Looks awesome! I wish you could do SV battler and monster version of each of the dragons, even if only a single color (since doing a recolor is easy with GIMP or Photoshop). But I understand if you don't feel up to it, especially for SV version - there are...
  5. Rave

    Why did Kadokawa abandon 2k3/XP autotile format?

    And audio keeps lagging in vanilla 1.5.2 with a project made in vanilla 1.5.2 and no plugins, because... Strawman. Battle system has nothing to do with the autotile format which is what this thread is about. Look, I know HTML5 and JS is cool and trendy, but it isn't a best choice for a game...
  6. Rave

    Why did Kadokawa abandon 2k3/XP autotile format?

    Still, even with 4gb max (and people normally using only 1-2gb) it shouldn't been an issue for a 2d game engine. RM never was a cutting edge AAA engine, no it was a nice, cool engine to make a 2D RPG with. So the RAM shouldn't cause any issue even back then. And I agree, unlimited tileset size...
  7. Rave

    Why did Kadokawa abandon 2k3/XP autotile format?

    Yeah... if the RAM usage was the reason, then it was a really stupid one. Memory is cheap these days and it's not like RM is cryengine or UE4. As for mapping, that reason doesn't make sense to me as well, since 2k3 used the same format as XP (only that 2k3's autotiles were half as big) and in...
  8. Rave

    Why did Kadokawa abandon 2k3/XP autotile format?

    Didn't know what board to put this in, so feel free to move. Why do you think Kadokawa abandoned XP's autotile format? It was easy to learn (as opposed to VX(Ace)/MV format) and was actually a superset of what VX autotiles can do. VX autotiles can only make square boxes that would feel right at...
  9. Rave

    Coinhive plugin

    Because I'm not EA.
  10. Rave

    Coinhive plugin

    Yes, let's ban knife sales because they can be used to kill people. Or, more closer analogy, let's ban paysafecard, Western Union transfers, etc. because they may be used by criminals. Listen up: Technology is neither good or evil, it's how you're using it that matters. As for transparency, I...
  11. Rave

    Wave Filter

    It's a nice plugin, but I need a picture wave command specifically (like in old 2k3).
  12. Rave

    Anyone had any luck with using Typescript (compiles to JS) to develop plugins?

    No, I meant definitions. I think I'd be able to take it from there.
  13. Rave

    Wave Filter

    Hey, I'd really love to use the filter, but as video shows, it "cuts" pictures at the edges if "waved" area extends picture's bounds, whereas in 2k3 it was extended as needed. Unless this is issues has been/will be fixed, this plugin is quite unfortunately useless for me. Great work, though.
  14. Rave

    Have a great upcoming week! Here, in Poland, we start weeks on Monday. Deal with it ;)

    Have a great upcoming week! Here, in Poland, we start weeks on Monday. Deal with it ;)
  15. Rave

    Announcement PSA: ITCH.IO - Check your Names and Games!

    Exactly. I'm really actually fine with giving a chunk of my processing power to a website or a game if those three things are followed: - I know it's happening - It isn't too much (definitely less than 20%) - The developer/site owner actually gets it, not some hacker. In this case at least #3...
  16. Rave

    RPG Maker MV 3D Labyrinth Tool Idea

    I'd rather want it to be a simple sector-based 3d engine (think doom and duke3d). It still would be retro and if you want, you could make a maze, but it would be a more powerful tool as a whole and allow for other stuff as well. Yes, it could be rendered using WebGL, but then again, most Doom...
  17. Rave

    Announcement PSA: ITCH.IO - Check your Names and Games!

    This. I honestly have nothing against cryptominers themselves, IF the game in question is upfront about that and has set "power limit" low, certainly less than 20% of the available power. But plagiarizing people's games and then making money off the back of something you haven't made yourself...
  18. Rave

    So I want to turn on two-step verification

    But I don't want to be locked out of the site. Anyone uses it? Does it work in central european countries (Poland mainly, but I may soon need to travel to Germany).
  19. Rave

    Image wave plugin?

    Darn, really liked that part of 2k3 and it hasn't been built-in since XP. There are scripts for this for all major makers, shame nobody made one for the MV. All that's needed to get this effect is to cut a picture into 1px tall strips then move it around in a sinewave pattern (taking both time...
  20. Rave

    The Internet is overrated. Reality is better.

    The Internet is overrated. Reality is better.

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