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  1. Ninjypuppy

    Best place to start learning JavaScript and RMMV scripting?

    I'd like to get into scripting to hopefully be able to code my own features into my games in the future. That's a long ways off and my main goal is to get some plugins from other creators working with my project. I've tried asking for help in the plugins' respective thread and the plugin support...
  2. Ninjypuppy

    VE_Enemy Skills and Moogle_X_EquipmentLearning plugin help

    Okay, so I'm having issues getting VE_EnemySkills to works and I have a few compatibility issues with MOOGLE_X_EquipmentLearning that I'd like to see if I can get some help with. VE_EnemySkills Ok, the Enemy Skills plugin by Victor hasn't been updated since release back in 2016. With the way...
  3. Ninjypuppy

    Luxray's tips and tricks

    Hello there! I'm here to bring you some (hopefully) useful tips and tricks that might help you guys on your way to making your games. I don't know much of what else to say so I'll just go right into the tips and tricks. Actually, before that, if you guys have any tips and tricks you can add to...
  4. Ninjypuppy

    Increasing/decreasing elemental atk/def

    I know how to decrease elemental defense in states but I have no idea how to increase defense against elements and increase/decrease your damage with a particular element within a state. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read.
  5. Ninjypuppy

    Problems making a debuff that slows speed in Yanflys ATB plugin

    No matter what tags I put in, the speed of the ATB Gauge never changes. I want to make a debuff that decreases speed of ATB guages by 50% for context or something. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for reading!
  6. Ninjypuppy

    Any fixes for Character Gen. bug yet?

    Okay, so my old .json files for my characters aren't loading in the character Generator and I'm not having much luck finding any solutions to the problem at the moment so does anybody have any solutions or ideas? I need to get this fixed asap.
  7. Ninjypuppy

    Black screen when trying to playtest

    Whenever I try to play test a game on my new PC, I always get a black screen right from the get go and can't open the debug window to see if anything is wrong. Anyone got any ideas?
  8. Ninjypuppy

    I'm taking some Let's Play requests!

    Hi guys! I'm Wolferion and when I'm not working on Chrondania I'm making Let's Play videos! I currently don't know what to do past the games listed below and I'd like to see some RPG Maker Games on the list past what I already have. I do have a few requirements however that ARE listed below...
  9. Ninjypuppy

    Custom weapon animations request

    Hi there! If you're wondering what I mean by the title let me explain! I am in need of custom weapon animations but, not the animations so much as being different but, the weapon icons themselves alongside being animated. I already have swords (3 pages), Rods (1 page), and staves (1 page)...
  10. Ninjypuppy

    YEP weapon animation help

    Okay, so I have 5 custom weapon sheets with each of them being 12 weapon animations each. I have the right tags in the note box but I can't seem to figure out how to get ONE animation to play instead of nothing, one of the animations from the default MV, or the whole entire sheet. Is there...
  11. Ninjypuppy

    Eventing Problem

    Okay, so what I'm trying to do, is get an NPC to walk around randomly and will stop to talk to you if you hit the enter button but I can't seem to get it to work. Am i missing something or is it just not possible without a plugin?
  12. Ninjypuppy

    Animation Problems

    Okay so I'm having problems with animations of the characters in battle. One in particular actually, and that's whenever they use a physical attack ability (I.e. Dual Attack) instead of making a physical attack animation like if you selected the basic attack command, they spread their arms out...
  13. Ninjypuppy

    Looking for people (A lot of positions are open)

           Hi, I'm Luxray Gaming. I'm a beginner in the world of game development but, I am currently making a game called Chrondania (info about the game is on the gamejolt page AND the steam group. Links below). The team I have is just 3 people. Me. my friend frostbite, and my friend Utugateg. I'm...
  14. Ninjypuppy

    I'm gonna be getting MV soon so.....

    I need some help w/scripting seeing as I have NO knowledge in javascript before so I don't have any idea on what I'm doing in the coding part of it. Scripts I need help with: FF10 overdrive script: I'm hoping to get the overdrive system from ff10 in my game. What the overdrive system...
  15. Ninjypuppy

    I have a few questions

    Just for info, I'm stuck to VX Ace Lite. 1. Is there away to get around the 20 map limit, 10 event per map limit, the database limit, and the no scripting limit WITHOUT breaking any rules? (I know the answer is probably no but, i had to ask)  2. Is there a way for someone w/the...
  16. Ninjypuppy

    Does anybody know of a way that I can get enough money to get RPG Maker MV?

    I'm a teen that's involved with extracurricular activities and can't get a job so money is out of the question and I very highly doubt my parents are even going to bother with it on my birthday in May. I'm not old enough for kickstarter so that's out of the question. Anybody have any ideas? I...
  17. Ninjypuppy

    A wild noob appeared out of the internet!

       I am a teen game maker who is joining the fray in the world of RPG Maker! To be specific, RPG Maker VX Ace Lite because it's free and I have no money. I am going to be starting development of a game that I'm still having troubles coming up with a good name for (I'm not good with names). I...

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