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  1. Artemis

    Bug Test Game highly unstable under Big Sur

    While playtesting under MacOS Big Sur (even with a fresh project), the window often becomes completely grey or black, and it does not recover. If I activate the fullscreen mode, an icon appear in the top left corner. In addition, the test window closes randomly while playtesting, but no "Report...
  2. Artemis

    Suggestion Add Pictures control based on Variables

    Description of the Feature: Display image using the numeric value of a variable without scripts. Erase image using the numeric value of a variable, with possibility of choose a range of numbers (batch) or all images. Mockups: Why is this feature good? This features are already available in...
  3. Artemis

    RMMZ Scripted Save/Load and get data from saves

    I come from RM2k3 maniac patch, where it is possible to save and load a certain save slot from a script. I was thinking about a plugin where you can run a script command like: Save State, Load State and GetSaveData. Where in each of them you can select the slot, and in GetSaveData you should be...
  4. Artemis

    Osx Steam version crash from dock icon

    Hello everybody, I just installed RPG Maker MV in Catalina 10.15.2 and if I start the software from Steam laucher it works as expected, but if I start RMMV right from its dock icon (or program’s folder) it shows the splash screen and then it just closes without errors. Any hint? Also Merry...
  5. Artemis

    Script for add/remove characters from name

    Hello, Is there a way to edit the character name through script? I'd like to recreate and old name changer from my game made with RM2K3 and I want to avoid heavy scripting/plugins. I found that this script can change the name of the character #1 with the variable #4 value...
  6. Artemis

    New version after 1.11?

    Hello, I've been out of the making scene for a year and I used to run RM2K3 up to version 1.11. Does anybody know if there will be a new update with bugfixes and new enhancements? Is Cherry still active or is RM2K3 "discontinued"? Thank you
  7. Artemis

    An invalid event was specified

    Hi everybody, I recently changed to RM2K3 1.11 (purchased on Steam) and for the first time in years on my project i get an error... It open a window during the game-testing saying "An invalid event was specified" and then the game shuts down. My scripst are good and I never referenced to...

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