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  1. kartersaint

    2014 IGMC Results!

    I mean, for example... Damn it, it's hard to find what terms would be good to represent my idea.  Okay. For example, my game's seat number is 251. And Antagonist is 250. That's all. Please help me to figure out how to convey this paragraph correctly.
  2. kartersaint

    Is it me or is the "horror" genre tag being abused on new indie games these days?

    Horror games are easy to make. I think Stephen King said similar things like this as soon likening horror games to horror films. Why? Um... it's better rather find his knowledge about that thing than explain myself.    Anyway, it's quite interesting to hear you gonna make some game that is a...
  3. kartersaint

    2014 IGMC Results!

    I'm surprised Antagonist won the first place. Because the game was placed before mine. Well, the life is interesting.  
  4. kartersaint

    So...some games I should play?

    He played most of them except Oh! Ko!
  5. kartersaint

    The Last Hour of Fairfield

    Be proud of your work! Valkill.  I'm also a gamer of horror, but I admit the contest seems... well... one game is horror and it's one of Top 3. I don't know how to tell it about that game.
  6. kartersaint

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    Although I made this point, but I'm still side with JRPG's nostalgic constitution. But the reality is cruel. The things we liked are not any more be loved by new trend. Sad... 
  7. kartersaint

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    So that's why I put "biased" in front of my opinion. I'm the person who rather focusing the story than game play mechanism. I used to play the game as really hardcore way when I was young, but... now it isn't.  Of course, there's still a person like you is existed. Playing the game and...
  8. kartersaint

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    Now there are Youtube. People don't need to use their brain to beat the hard game. Want to know about story? Then just watch some videos that users uploaded in Youtube. They can see all cut-scenes of the games, all endings with great commentary, stuff like that, without trying the game...
  9. kartersaint

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    I think the only niche one is.. hardcore TURN BASED RPG.  People are okay with active combat or whatever that kind of action games. But turn-based?  Just judging from the games like Oneshot or Teardrop Distance... (I excluded Dalruan for some reasons) got numerous votes during the contest...
  10. kartersaint

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    Dark... Soul... series have some argument about this.
  11. kartersaint

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    It's great to hear she played 3 hours of your game. I didn't know the game was that long..  So congratulation! anyway. ... okay. You put easy mode in your game, it's a smart choice. Varying difficult is somehow necessary for RPG games. 
  12. kartersaint

    Well.. pros like challenging games. But still there are people who like light games.

    Well.. pros like challenging games. But still there are people who like light games.
  13. kartersaint

    LoL, when she started. Then I missed this one.

    LoL, when she started. Then I missed this one.
  14. kartersaint

    How they said?

    How they said?
  15. kartersaint

    What have you learned?

    I know your feel. 
  16. kartersaint

    Ready to play - Oh! Ko! (Progress Screens Added)

    How did you get inspiration with naming your protagonist?  Ko...  Ko....  Oh! Ko!... It's catchy! >_<
  17. kartersaint

    (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns

    I'm waiting she plays Doctor's game. She may like it, or dislike it. lol. Whenever she starts streaming, The Heart Pumps Clay is listed on first. 
  18. kartersaint

    What have you learned?

    Just seeing the games have many votes, most of them are non-RPG Maker. ... regular people tend to like other engine even the contest is held by RPG Maker staff. lol. WELL. That's a point about people's choice. The judging result should be different. But... I learned something from that.  I...
  19. kartersaint

    Any news when winners are announced?

    We just need to wait until mid-August. lol.
  20. kartersaint

    Go Japan. Then RPG Maker top everything. In here? Well.... there are tons of better engine.

    Go Japan. Then RPG Maker top everything. In here? Well.... there are tons of better engine.

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