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  1. Remove gameover setting

    Hi guys, Is there anyway to remove the gameover setting? Once the battle is failed, I want to make the party port back to town automatically rather than showing a gameover screen. Is this possible? Thanks.
  2. [HELP] Ultimate power skill setup with clickable button

    Hi guys, I want to make battle with ultimate power skills, any ideas or plugins to use for this? When actors reach to certain TP, I want to make their character picture become shining and clickable, once you click on it then it will unleash the ultimate skills. Please help. Many thanks!!
  3. RMMZ [HELP]Formation for MZ

    Got it, I will go check it out. Thanks so much for the info!
  4. RMMZ [HELP]Formation for MZ

    Hey guys, Are there anyways to do row formation for MZ? YEP had a plugin for MV but it is not updated for MZ. I am planning to have different rows for different classes and each row has different function, ex. front row for tanks with more def buff and back row for support with more support...
  5. [HELP]How to make passive aura for the whole party?

    Yeah, I found that a lot of YEP plugins for MV was not there for MZ Anyways, full heal after every fight is part of the game process so it is ok for me for now. Thanks so much for your help!!
  6. [HELP]How to make passive aura for the whole party?

    Hum.... you are right, I just tested it and it does give the hp regen. Any idea on how to make the hp full for the battle?
  7. [HELP]How to make passive aura for the whole party?

    Oh, thanks so much. Now it is fixed, this is why it is not showing the buff effects. I am using the recover commands due to the party will not be in full hp after the battle starts with the "increase max hp by x%" state. Now I just switched the commands to recover hp instead of recover all...
  8. [HELP]How to make passive aura for the whole party?

    Thanks, Andar. I tried your method and it doesn't give any states to the party, did I miss anything here? Here is the code:
  9. [HELP]How to make passive aura for the whole party?

    So I managed to give the buff to all party when actor is in the party, how do I turn on/off the switch based on if this actor is in the party for battle or not? For example: I am using Visu plugins and I have 8 actors in the party but only 4 would be in the party for the battle. If this actor...
  10. [HELP]How to make passive aura for the whole party?

    Hey guys, I am trying to create characters with passive aura effects but the skills(with state setting) can only affect the character who has that skill, how to apply this passive effect to the whole party? Please help. Thanks.
  11. [Question]Battle action pause removal

    Yes, it is active
  12. [Question]Battle action pause removal

    Hey guys, Anyone has an idea on how to remove the pause when any actors/monsters are taking actions? I want to make the battle system(ATB system) a non-stop process because I am setting all the actors to auto-atk. Anyone could help with this. PS: I am using Visustella plugins also. Thanks.

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