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  1. Thoughts in games with many cutscenes and text?

    Honestly there's no point in trying to define what games should or shouldn't be, at the end of the day it's only a medium and nothing more. Even if it's all story and no gameplay, if the story is good and well done the game will find an audience. Plenty of successful games like this. Just make...
  2. MBS - Map Zoom

    Is it not possible to make an instant zoom? Duration 1 still takes multiple frames and Duration 0 returns the default 60. Trying to use it for an evented menu, so it's a bit iffy to watch the menu zoom in every time you open it.
  3. SRPG Engine - Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    Any way to use a static battlers for your party members (ie: high res busts)? Only plugin I know that allows this is victor's battlergraphicsetup but it doesn't seem to be compatible. I'm trying to emulate this sort of look for the 1 on 1 battle sequence, (just the battler sprite...

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So here we go again with my programming. Currently I don't know what to program, so I am just doing things to see what I can make. Currently just photoshop though :/ Join in if you wish to see the stream. Very exclusive, mostly just 1-2 people watching.
I'm feeling rough today, a bit too many last night I'd say. Still have no choice to work on Corpse Mansion. That and I got. bunch of sales last night. I was like wtf this morning? Next payout is gonna be nice at least.
I'm just so close to replacing LUK with a different stat, maybe DEX but we'll see.
Slapped together a title screen and working on some dungeon clutter + portraits for Dubhghaill and Einar. Usual CW for minor body horror wrt Einar




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