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  1. RabbitFire

    Adjusting to college life?

    So I just passed my first day in college and to be honest it feel really different from High School. It feels, well, kinda scary. Everything is up to me now, there is no more principal, no more forced schedule, I have to make appointment with my lecturer, I have to choose which classes to take...
  2. RabbitFire

    Hello my name is Rabbit!

    Hello my name is RabbitFire and I'm a new RPGmaker MV user. I had the program for quite a while but never got the chance to use it. English is not my native language so I will make a mistake here and there, so please bear with me :) I am currently making my first post-post apocalyptic game. I...

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Ladies and gentlepeeps, I'm working on a Chuck E Cheese horror game! Did you know that in the 80's, in the Pizza Time Theater, Helen Henny was a separate character who performed in a separate room called the Cabaret? She was one of the possible guest stars there, and she was a Hollywood star at the time. But this particular unit seems to have a dark secret...
So here we go again with my programming. Currently I don't know what to program, so I am just doing things to see what I can make. Currently just photoshop though :/ Join in if you wish to see the stream. Very exclusive, mostly just 1-2 people watching.
I'm feeling rough today, a bit too many last night I'd say. Still have no choice to work on Corpse Mansion. That and I got. bunch of sales last night. I was like wtf this morning? Next payout is gonna be nice at least.
I'm just so close to replacing LUK with a different stat, maybe DEX but we'll see.

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