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  1. Ashfell

    Dragonbones Map Sprites plugin for RPG Maker MV

    ok been setting this up and i cant figure out what this means maby someone here will know Party index Dragonbones Sprite Scale: x, y "Replace 'index' with the index of the party member to target." what is index???
  2. Ashfell

    RMMZ Dragonbones Problem mz

    so while testing and playing through my game dragonbones runs perfectly but once i do the deployment and try to test the game out whenever i get into a battle it crashes and i get this message anyone know what causing this to not work in deployment do i need someone to alter the plugin or somthing?
  3. Ashfell

    animations crash game

    everytime an animation plays the game crashes in battle or in a map i have turned off every plugin and it still happens
  4. Ashfell

    Rpgmaker mv will no longer start getting (not responding)

    I have been using mv for over 2 years and it has worked fine while i was working on my project it stopped responding and i had to shut down the task. now every time i try to start MV i get a white screen with (not Responding) and it will never start up i have uninstalled mv and re installed it...
  5. Ashfell

    Moghunter character poses help

    Ok I got the plugin setup but I cant seem to get it to work what am I doing wrong My files names $ xeo(f6) $ xeo_idle (f16) $ xeo_dash (f6) $ xeo_jump (f6) And when I start the game I get an error % 24xeo_idle not found Anyone know what im doing wrong
  6. Ashfell

    common event help

    ok im trying to set up my revive item when used on the dead player it revives them and gives them a wounded state that can stack up to 5 times i am having problem with this this is what i have it works out of combat but when i res someone in combat it crashes the game and the other problem...
  7. Ashfell

    Help Weird problem im having with some maps

    here is a small video of my problem on some maps when a character walks on a certain spot on the map the screen flips out for a split second and after it happens the problem goes away it either glitches or flashes for a second i have even tried disabling all my plugins and it still does it and...
  8. Ashfell

    menu text color help

    Im trying to find a way to change the color of the default text color for the menu HP,MP,TP and am having no luck anyone know ?
  9. Ashfell

    looking for a plugin

    ok ive seen a few game with this plugin but i cannot seem to find it but it adds a death animation of the monster turning to dust when they die and i thought that it looked pretty cool does anyone know what that plugin is i cant seem to find it.
  10. Ashfell

    Aircraft problem

    ok not sure what the problem is out of nowhere my airship is no longer visable on the world map the boat and ship i can see perfectly but the air ship is invisable until i get in the ship then it shows itself just fine was working fine about a month ago and i have not done anything but make maps...
  11. Ashfell

    ok weird problem with event movement

    i have a event when i hit the switch its should move up 4 block but once the event starts the event picture disapears not sure what is going on
  12. Ashfell

    Switch problem

    i walk up to the switch and hit it then turns on then my character turns around and walks down one step not sure why its happening. i have no settings in the events that even move the character for some reason the image wont show up so here is the link to the image
  13. Ashfell

    parallax background problem

    ok i parallax and on a few of my maps i have a weird bug with all of them when mu character steps on a certaian part of the map the screen flickers for a second then after if flickers the map works fine and does not happen again until i go back to that part of the map here is a short video of...
  14. Ashfell

    Event image not centering

    ok i have a event and i selected a picture i made but every time the event starts the picture is too far to the left so i moved the event one block over to the right and when i tryed it now the picture is too far to the right. it clips into half of the block to the left or right i have the...
  15. Ashfell

    Game deployment problem

    everytime I try to deploy my game to test it I checked the box that says take only used files then I click okay and it compiles the game then once it's done I go to try and play it and it keeps giving me errors of missing files and I have to go and manually pull over every single file it ask for...
  16. Ashfell

    Weird event problem

    ok i have to events set up one triggers a hole ot appear in the wall and the other activates the trigger for the trigger event i have text BOOM'show animation Explosion and control swhich explosion. on the event where the wall breaks i have the picture set to the broken wall and the switch...
  17. Ashfell

    event animation

    ok i have a event i created and a character breaks down a wall but every time the wall animation plays it puts the animation in the center of the screen even thought i set it to Show Animation : EV011, wallbreak it allways plays the animation in the middle of the screen. i have EV011 where i...
  18. Ashfell

    Giant doors

    im creating a custom door for my map and i did the !$ infront of the name and will only select part of the door is their a limit to the size i can use?
  19. Ashfell

    My mountains resources

    i was tired of the plain mountains in the game so i modified them for more variety then i decided that i would make my mountains for my game from scratch so I will give these you use for whatever enjoy. if you would like to see more just let me know i have no problem making more. Resources are...
  20. Ashfell

    dragonbones question

    i use dragonbones and yanfly action sequence pack but its not working is their a way to get the dragonsbones to work with it im trying to make a dragonbones battler jump jump target: 300%, 60 but nothing happens works fine with all the regular sv battlers that are non dragonbones.

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