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  1. RMMZ Change Actor Image upon Death

    I'm looking for a plugin that changes an actor's Image upon dying in a battle and changes back to normal when at any health above 0. I've found some Change Face plugins that involve any state, but I wonder if there's one specifically for just the Dead State.
  2. RMMZ Avoid players cheating by going into files and changing a file.

    I recently installed this plugin, thanks to some help. (It works with MZ). To use it, you have to make a .cvs file in Data; it's for custom EXP, but I'm wondering if there's a way to avoid people who've downloaded the game going into the data folder...
  3. RMMZ Custom EXP tables.

    Hi, I'm starting to get into the swing of things with Combat in RPG Maker MZ, and my problem is that the EXP tables you can make with the Base Values and such Suck. I could do so much better if I could add my own numbers in for leveling up. Is there a way I could do this, or is a Plugin...
  4. How to make a skill do more damage than the enemy's original ATK power.

    Now, I'm not new to RPG Maker entirely, but I am new to its Battle System (I never touched it, I would screw around with Map Creation and Dialogue), so I need some help on it. Here's what the title means: (This isn't exactly accurate, just an example): Let's say the Player had 0 Defense, and...
  5. What's the point of the luck stat?

    Does it affect the chance of getting a state like Poison or Blindness or the chance of hitting your opponent? I have no clue.
  6. RMMV Invert the screen from a "skills" attack.

    I'm looking for a plugin that would invert the screen, there's an ability where you freeze time for 3 turns (enemies get paralyzed), and I want the screen to turn inverted to give it that feel. I don't know if I need a plugin for this, or if it's an option. But everytime I searched up "invert,"...
  7. Kill counter and different things happen the more kills you have.

    Now in my game you don't have to kill anyone but you can if you want to, I wanna do it in the way as in 0 kills: Everyone likes u and all that stuff 1 kill: People have a different reaction because you killed someone 2-15 kills: people start to get worried that you would continue 15-40 kills...
  8. Change project file name (I'm on steam)

    So I named the project file project 1, but now I have made up the game title and I wanna replace project 1 with the title of the game. I don't want it to say Project 1 when you download it, I want it to say the actual title of the game. help meeeeeeeee.
  9. Is there a way to add custom text to a save file?

    Alright. Now that I figured out how to do 2 things for my game, I need a 3rd one. In my game there's a difficulty option, Easy, Normal, And Hard. In the game when you choose a certain Difficulty the game never really says anything about it. I was wondering if I could put certain text on the save...
  10. Text over choice highlight.

    Ok, here's what the title means. After I figured out how to make a default choice, I now need to know how to make a choice have text. If you think I'm stupid this is what I mean. In the game there's a difficulty option, Easy, Normal, And Hard. At the bottom, it says Choose difficulty. If you...
  11. Is there a way for a choice to start on a certain one.

    I'm sorry if the title makes no sense, but hear me out. In my game, there's a difficulty option. Easy is at the top Normal is in the middle Hard is at the bottom When the game asks you "choose your difficulty" The choice points at easy because it's the first choice at the top. I don't wanna put...

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