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  1. Refreshing screen in menu?

    Sorry for the late response! The script is working wonderfully as you described, but when I tinkered around, I found a weird bug. The bugfix I'm looking for is to have duplicate armor be available for use in the script. For example, when I list this: I was able to have armor combinations be...
  2. Refreshing screen in menu?

    I think checking for a different armor # would work. To make sure we're on the right track, it would just need to have: Check 1: If [Pink Dress] equipped Hide default preview image Show [Pink Dress] preview Check 2: If [Pink Dress] equipped + [Red Dress] equipped Hide default preview image +...
  3. Refreshing screen in menu?

    Ah, I understand now. Your code changed "paper doll mode" to hide the default preview image upon equipping armors. I didn't see that before because my original problem with the script was still in there. This edit works so well that I'm sorry to complain again. My game feature idea is to have...
  4. Default equipment?

    Yep you're right. Adding more "slot[number]" lines to actor slots under and adding more of makes the script work with more slots. Having less equipment slots work just fine too. Just have to remove "slot[number]" lines per actor. That said, this script works perfectly! Thanks for the quick...
  5. Refreshing screen in menu?

    I'm sorry, but I can't seem to figure out how to use your code. I see that those methods are already defined in the original script. In my example project, I replaced them, but the preview image doesn't change upon equip.
  6. Default equipment?

    It works perfectly on its own, but with other equip engine scripts, it seems to break. I'm using Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine. Is the problem that the equip engine has too many equipment slots?
  7. Default equipment?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know a script to have some combination of armor be equipped by default instead of the equipment slot being empty? Another scenario of this script would be that unequipping a different armor would automatically equip the specified default armor back on.
  8. Refreshing screen in menu?

    The note tags in "Armors" ONLY allow for the paper doll mode to work. When equipping the "Red Dress" armor, it overlaps the existing image, but the image behind is still visible. That's not what I want to happen. With the "Pink Dress" armor, I created a common event to forcefully change the...
  9. Refreshing screen in menu?

    Hi everyone! I'm using the BM Advanced VK Equip script to have an image (character's appearance) on the equip screen change as they have new equipment. My problem is that the change happens only after reopening the menu. I used a common event to check if an item was equipped. If it was, then it...

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